Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!

Yes indeed.  Several years ago, the absolutely incredible Revel Salon 2 speakers finally took me off the speaker merry-go-round.  I do believe that I'll be taking my Revel Salon 2 speakers to the grave with me.  What's your end-game speakers?


My end game speakers were my Harbeth SHL5s back in about 2005. Then there was the Opera Callas, Totem Hawks, Harbeth Monitor 30’s, another pair of Opera Callas, Trenner $ Freidl and a couple more. Basically, my end game speaker is the one sitting in my system on the day I drop dead.

I would die for a pair of Salon 2'. So I guess that would be my end game speaker.

Happily married to Aerial 10T for the past 21 years.

In 4 years I'll celebrate Silver wedding and in another 25, if alive will celebrate Golden wedding...


I think my Ref 3A de Capos might be my end game.  Hard to beat for the price and put out enough sound with my 4 watt amp.

Currently have B&W 804 D3s. I think moving up to 803 D4s would do it for me (just because they look so cool -Walnut body with silver turbine).

Enjoy your Revels.  Changing speakers is like changing wives, always costs you 50%.

How many times have folks declared they had their "end game" speaker only to find that it was not their end game speaker? Genuine question.

hilde45 "Genuine question? Absolutely. But high end audio is journey and, like myself, at some point, after experimenting with multiple speakers over time, so many of us really do come across a special speaker that they actually keep for........"Decades."

i am coming up on a decade with Vandersteen 7 mk2….  ;-) hours of fatige free musical bliss…

Im a Gon's LTR champ on relationship with speakers and commitment to final speaker after all so far.

I also didn't change my amp at all -- only repaired it once and never re-capped in 20+ years of ownership...


I wanted my salon 2's  to be my end game speakers, and I was surprised my 250/425  wpc amp didn't have the juice to wake them up. Makes me wonder how many end game speakers I've owned that I didn't have the right compliment of components to bring out their best? 

My current system is likely my last and sometimes I wonder how some of my other 'endgame' speakers would have fared with my current components?

I was phenomenally fortunate to acquire small Raidho D2 floorstanders used which replaced much larger Dynaudio Sapphires (and bested them every way except sheer output levels). They are a game changer and I cannot think I'll find anything so good for the price I paid. Now it's electronics upgrades. Speakers = Done!

I love my Sonus Faber Amati Traditional… and are my end game speakers… well, err, that is… unless the stock market rises a lot. 

We cannot know which could be our end game speakers BEFORE embedding them the right way in our SPECIFIC electrical grid/house/room/system...

But most people anyway judge by price tag more than by acoustics ...

For sure my Tannoy dual concentric were way higher end than my actual small active low cost speakers and the Magnepan of some friend too are more high end ...

But guess why i prefer my actual low cost active speakers ?

I embed them well acoustically , mechanically and electrically ...It was not the case with the magnepan nor with my Tannoy better speakers

My actual low cost speakers  punch over their cost/design level by the modifications i put in place for sure ...

Then conclusion :

Give me any basic good speakers and nevermind his price i will make them play at their optimal and then i will be happy ... It is much less about money and taste and much more about acoustics basic  and embeddings control ......

My experience and my 2 cents ...

My end game could be any basically well designed speakers at almost any price ...




Over the years, my speaker "Revolving-door" was a learning process for me, experimenting with different speakers and different types of speakers, making new discoveries, and having lots of fun in the process. However, all that speaker experimentation, as someone has already mentioned, started to take a toll on my finances. So, after finally figuring out exactly what type of speakers suited my listening tastes the most, I began to focus in on finding that special pair of speakers that could keep me satisfied for the long term, and the Revel Salon 2 speakers checked all the boxes for me. And now, my ears, and my wallet thank me.

They are nice for Mid fi Audiophile speakers 

speakers like MBL 101 Omni directional speakers are true bend game speakers 

if you have the $$ money .  There is a Big difference as to a True Reference Loudspeaker ,vs one you can afford that sounds good to match your financial budget.

Depends what you mean by "endgame".  I have had my Tidal Contriva Diacera's for about a decade now, and will never get rid of them.  At some point I might buy another pair of speakers with different driver technology to also have in the audio room just for a change of pace (e.g., a top of the line planar, MBL 101)

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Trying your best to burst his bubble? So, price is proportional to quality of sound.


At 83 years old I doubt I will be moving on from my recently acquired Sonus Faber Sonetto V speakers.

I am aiming at a pair of Stenheim statement or Kharma Exquisite midi grand.  Honestly in today's inflated market, you won't get "end of game" speaker for anything under $100K.  $150-$250 K is more likely.

OP, “…Over the years, my speaker "Revolving-door" was a learning process for me…”


Was your door also revolving with respect to electronics? Since many different speakers will require very different electronics to sound their best. Or did you keep your electronics the same and swap speakers until you got a solid match?

Final speaker… no surly not but I will be keeping my JBL 4367 for a longtime. They have no real flaw and do a lot of things really well. I will happily move up the JBL line when and if I get the chance.

I have pivoted more toward my home theater (new projector/screen) since buying the JBL as I don’t read or look for other speakers. I might buy some new subs as they will be used in both systems (same room). 

Yes - Reference 3A de Capos. Paired with a good subwoofer and this is all Ill ever need.

Well - I may try Klipsch Cornwalls at some time...

Quad ESL's - 2 pairs , plus pair Magnepan DWM's plus isobaric sub. Had the Quads 15 years.

Since the late 60s my ultimate was the JBL Paragon. Never heard it. Never saw one in person. Still want one.

I did recently have a pair of JBL L300. Loved them. Downsized house so they had to go. Since the mid 70s I have been using JBL L222 Disco.

I am in a polygamous marriage apparently, as I now am married to two keepers for life--Spendor 1/2Es and Dynaudio Contour 20is. The former I have loved for 24 years as my only mate, but the latter have now come along and stolen my audio heart. So yes, the three of us will be together until the last song is played.

Aries Cerat Aurora speakers are my end game and final speaker purchase after going down the B&W, Wilson, Sonus Faber and Vliking route.  I should receive them in the next 4o days from Greece.  

I have has my 3.6 Maggies for 17 years and they make me smile every day, they are my forever soeakers!

NX-Oticas. I have not found anything I like better at any audio show under $25,000. If you don't want to DIY, just hire a carpenter to make them for you.

Yes two pair


Viking Acoustics L’Instruments

Different. Good. Wonderful actually.

But my amps etc keep having power issues.

"They are nice for Mid fi Audiophile speakers. speakers like MBL 101 Omni directional speakers are true bend game speakers "

I don't understand why some people feel the need to dump on someone else's happiness. As my mother used to say. "If you can't say something nice to someone, then just keep your mouth shut."

My custom sealed box full range single driver  (TangBand W8-1808) with dual SVS subs are currently my end game. 

They continue to blow me away with incredible mid/high range clarity, sound stage, depth and top end sparkle. I had no idea hifi could be this good.

Do you ever have that experience when you're upgrading of giving your old speakers one last listen and saying to yourself, "Boy, these aren't bad." Sort of like premature nostalgia.

Yes, Sonus Faber Il Cremonese 

suits my room and delivers very satisfying sound

doubt I'll be moving on from them

At the moment and in no hurry to change. I have Crystal Cable, Arabesque, Glassmasters. They have full bass and dbs switches on them to help change the sound. I got them at a tenth of retail price, then changed my whole system.😎

Lots of great speakers listed. Saw those  Aries Cerat speakers at Axpona 2022. Wild looking speakers ! Mine are Rockport Avior ii. I’m done unless the lottery fairy blesses me. 

I found them. I can't afford them, YET!!! After the new  year I will be the proud new owner of a pair of Fleetwood Devilles.

I’m pretty sure I’m done w speakers, now amplification on the other hand, I’ve got 4 right now, selling 2 and shopping for another. 6 if you count receivers.  I can’t stop, I’ve owned dozens.  

I don't know about "end game", but I am really happy with my current setup.

Emerald Physics 2.8's with external crossovers (2x15" Carbon woofer, 12" carbon mid, and a 1" poly tweeter) and a Rythmik G22 subwoofer.

Lush, lovely, and articulate.

I do know that no matter what comes in the future, it will be an open baffle speaker.



Keeping what we have but I want to give Magnapan and open baffles a whirl maybe even a open baffle kit. 

I have been upgrading loudspeaker Xovers for over 20 years .

in your revels the parts quality is a average at best !

meaning maybe a 7 out of 15

just pull a driver out and you-can see inside not even a name brand Taiwan  on some capacitors.the resistors are $1 , when top quality even $12 mills are much better . The Xover is the 🧠 or ♥️ of the Loudspeaker . As much as you think it sounds good a upgraded Xover would’ve at minimum 10% better still. Look at  Humble homemade hifi capacitor test. For all capacitor ratings to prove my point.

Mine weigh 214 lbs each, so they are my end game speakers unless I want to move them again.

50 years of experiments and head banging. When I found Legacy, the hunt was over. My complete 7.4  Legacy system (Lyngdorf processor) has cost me as much as a new car, but I love it, and consider my journey OVER.