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Dirty little secret of Pedigreed, decades old Speaker line - no one will address
Don’t you just hate it when you start reading something that sounds maybe interesting, only to get 5 minutes in and realize you just don’t care. I find this more and more the case in these forums.  
Is there a cheaper alternative to this:
What it sounds like is the dealer wants to sell you the more expensive mono blocks by "not having" the lesser amp on hand.   
I need a recommendation on Class D amp
Parasound Zonemaster 2350. Everything you want and more.  
I need a recommendation on Class D amp
Parasound zonemasster 2350 is exactly  what you want with exactly the features you describe, and more.  
Thin Line Between Critique and Courtrooms: A Dialogue on the Recent Audiophile Drama
This is the answer to the question we see all too often, "why do we see only good reviews". Reviewers exist to make money, not get sued and lose money.     
Verity Audio speaker manufacturer silent...
@hilroy48  , like RED HAT lite will be so much better. How about we keep politics out of this.  
Cd player
+1 @ghdprentice The Audiolab 6000CDT is an excellent transport and really inexpensive. You don’t want to spend too much in my opinion cuz once you start streaming you going to be spinning CD’s less and less. Rip all your CD’s onto an external SS... 
Giving Advice without recommending your own equipment
If recommending your own purchases was banned you'd get very few to no recommendations. People can only recommend what they have experienced, and the mass majority have only heard what they have personally owned.  
For the love of...kits?
@theflattire ... I just made sealed full range TangBand W8-1808 and has really made me rethink my need for multi- driver boxes. With full range it's mid-range and treble don't loose anything to separates. They are better. Backed up by dual subs an... 
Differences in YouTube, Spotify, etc.
I just now received this from Tidal,,, "Starting April 10, 2024, you will now get access to our music library in full lossless, HiRes FLAC, and Dolby Atmos sound for the same price you pay today. This is because we’re making it easier for everyo... 
Differences in YouTube, Spotify, etc.
Tidal here. Tried Qobuz but heard no difference. Tidal connect is a must (no third party work around to get it setup an running). I plugged my streamer in to my Ethernet  cable and BAM, tidal connect recognized it on my computer and my phone. So e... 
Speaker cable length.
I'd say you're overthinking this. Just cut the one cable to the length you need it and listen. It's a weekend cabin enjoy the music. And then go outside and chop wood.  
Transport Recommendations
@gnoworyta - owned my AudioLab 6000CDT for a couple of years now. Never had a problem with scratching, but I can see and understand the concern. Some see it as a "potential" problem. Some see a tray as a "flimsy problem" waiting to break. There ar... 
Cable Break In for the Naysayers
So well said @puptent