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Best 12AU7?
Telefunkin ,Siemens , all very good nos tubes from Germany     
Holo May KTE vs. Lampizator Atlantic 3 TRP vs. Mola Mola Tambaqui
Audio_bidder you are talking less then 2% 98% of people and I know of 8 in several states that own the T+A 200 dac  not counting my brother and there is so many +++  the holomay  KTE is a good dac just not as good we hav3 done direct comparisons w... 
Solid State Power Amps
I go to many audio gatherings per year ,the New Luxman power amp retails for around $20k is exceptional . Call Anthony at Perrotta Consultants  he is good to work with and fair  pricing , ,he also Carry  Accuphase  Another very good one is Krell... 
Holo May KTE vs. Lampizator Atlantic 3 TRP vs. Mola Mola Tambaqui
You left out the dac that bests the all the T+A 200 dac  my brother owns it ,the molo molo Waay over priced ,this is retail $7200 but can be bought for less , it has HQ player ability built in as well as several dither choices and a dedicated 1 bi... 
Does it have to sound good for you to like it?
Here is a good low cost example one of the guys put on the forum last night that works . See link way below. https://the-ear.net/review-hardware/stack-audio-smooth-lan-open-streaming/    
Does it have to sound good for you to like it?
Myself interpret a very good performance is not only the composition but  for sure the sound quality. If it is lifeless and or bright ,I consider this a failure  and avoid , Thst being said if you stream and are willing to spend sa6 $5 k  You c... 
DSD coming to Qobuz streaming?
In any event the DSD library at one time was mentioned would be in the 100k+  region of classic music of all types ,I was have been patiently waiting for something  I now seriously doubt will ever happen if you got even 500 ,mainly orchestral  i... 
Power Cables
Audio advisor , Pangea sig MK-2 awg 14  are very good for under $250  using copper connectors far better then bright brass and 3x more conductivity and use Cardas grade 1 Copper wire. Give him 150 hours to runin a very good value.  
Denafrips -Bashing Denafrips New 12th anniversary models
They changed a excellent working product ,and I have owned 5 of them  My current terminator 2 right before the 12 th, is better in several ways the capacitors which there is over 200 , are nichicon gold tune,  ,and another super capacitor which i... 
Do I Need A SUT
Did you buy the better LTA pre with the Lundahl transformer option ?  well worth the  $$ and in your unit you have a 3 way dip switch for gain  You should be running all the same xlr throughout  for best synergy .  
Beautiful Colored Tube Preamp ($10k budget) to Pair w/ Very Accurate Monitors (PSI A25M)
Linear Tube Audio  they make a great preamp get it with the max Lundahl transformer ,order with the 6SN7 tubes , and it also has I believe 12at7 tubes or similar 9 pin tubes ,it was originally designed by tube guru David Burning  then improved up... 
Free Tip for Jumpers
Go to partsconnecxion. Buy Neotech awg 14 solid core Occ Teflon wire buy 3 strip the ends  and bend the ends and connect  the highest purity for under$30  highest purity wire and great sound , you don’t need connectors bend the endsforspadeor bana... 
Double up on speaker cables
Idont see where it will hurt ,but having 2 different geometries on some frequencies  may be phase differently , iguess you will find out.  
YouTube star Jay loves McIntosh MC 901 amplifier
I am not enamored with him on all his picks , but the Gryphon amp by far his best amp by a long shot. That one I can agree with I’m on but very $$ expensive.  
Integrated Amplifiers - Esoteric F-01, Esoteric F-02 or Dan D'Agostino Progression
Wh6 are you limited to just them 2 ,they both sound different . there is a excellent Goldman integrated amp asking around $12 k sells for close to 2 x that  ,that is a very natural sounding top quality Swiss integrated amplifier.