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Differences between Harbeth, Spendor, Graham, etc. ?
I think the main differences can be attributed to their names: Harbeth - named after the brother/sister (Harry and Beth) who first designed and built their bookshelf speakers in their uncle's lonely Wessex manor house.  Graham - named after fo... 
What does the gold star mean on this listing for the LSA amp?
Wally rocks. Plus, LSA is a beautiful brand.  
Who wants to discover a Rolls-Royce analog piano LP record ?!... Marcelle Meyer - Debussy
Wow. Starting at $650? Lemme get right on that.   
Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
@jastralfu  Madonna was completely dedicated and involved in the sound of her music. You listen to stuff off the Immaculate Collection and it just fills the room with detail and presence.  
The Horror
I'm not one to generally champion room treatments as the panacea of audio appreciation, but about a year ago I put these little things up in the corners and it has truly made a difference in just how much more clear the sound is. Don't know how th... 
Whats the difference ...
@hsounds I did indeed use my Oppo as a streamer for years, but then the app interface went down and Oppo no longer supports the 105 or the app; thus I had to find a workaround.  @soix @erik_squires Thanks for the words of wisdom and for putting t... 
When was the last time when serious new instrument was invented ?
The hi-hat (1930) changed drumming forever.   
Great song by the Clash
I always though the Clash were so apt at identifying and clarifying social issues in a minimalist fashion. Much like Merle Haggard could do.    
Want to add vinyl to my system.
Agreed. My entire vinyl rig now (Nad C558, Clearaudio Maestro V2, Schiit Mani) costs less than a single Manley Chinook pre. I spend my vinyl money on good vinyl (although I did just send in my Hana SL to be retipped).  I've come down from a VPI H... 
Great song by the Clash
One answer to an oft-asked question.
I sift through the New Releases on Tidal each Friday throughout the genres and indulge the platform's "Daily Discovery" feature. Found many new artists as well as established artists I hadn't listened to before.  I like keeping up with music to a... 
Leaving tube amps on.
Here's an older but still relevant discussion/elucidation. In essence, minimize power cycles. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/tube-amps-leave-on-or-turn-off.22078/      
Audiophile frame of mind
@cfa88 I'm sorry, but I reserve the right to make any judgment I want, including labeling an ostentatious and unneeded $41K grill as such. Any world in which dropping $41K on a grill is seen as inexpensive is so far out of touch with the majority ... 
It's the Cicadas!
I've been screaming for sex for years now, but my wife always says it's the cicadas.   
Audiophile frame of mind
@grislybutter Oooooh. A mere $41K for the Kalamazoo? That's like half price of a Constellation Audio Centaur 2 500 amp! Way too cheap for my taste.  @cfa88 No - $41K for a grill is not subjective. It's expensive. Once you start using oligarch-aud...