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Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing
That would be awesome.   
I have noticed that my mood will alter my listening experience. Also, I need the listening room to be in order. My perception definitely affects my mood and session.  
Tube amps under $7500
Ayon Spirit PA. I have my eyes on that one.  
Any recent Shinjitsu owners?
Yes sir. VERY happy with them.  
Sagging power plugs in wall outlet, diy
I installed my outlets with the ground at the top, which helps support the cable.  
Stuff You Tried To Love
Daedalus DA 1.1. Great speakers, beautiful build quality, but they were just too much for my small room.  Also, Bryston BCD-3. It's all about the journey, trying and finding what works for you.   
Equalizer to compensate for hearing loss - Any success stories?
I have one and love it. Highly recommended.  
A $250 Power Conditioner?
I am not an electronic engineer, but how can a device like this work with no continuity running through it? I tested mine with an ohm meter and got zilch. Perhaps it was defective?   
CD player/transport with exposed tubes?
T+A D-10. An older model, but cool.  
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
Yes I have. Many times and  to me, it is one of the facets of this hobby I love.   
Newer Blues Artists or Recordings
Frank Marino- Real Live CD  is amazing. Gary Hoey Davey Knowles and Back Door Slam Super Sonic Blues Machine.  Enjoy!  
New Generation Class D - AGD Audion Mkiii upgrade
Alberto's customer service, as well as the ,Audion mono blocks, is excellent!!   
New Generation Class D - AGD Audion Mkiii upgrade
I am a fan of the glow, also. Of course, the sound is pretty good, also..😁  
New Generation Class D - AGD Audion Mkiii upgrade
@nadimjaber , I have not tried them with any other pre, but will soon, as I recently purchased ( happy birthday to me!) an Ayon CD-35 that is also a pre amp. I am currently listening to it through the PL and will be trying out the pre amp side sid... 
Why "bookshelf" sspeakers?
I currently have 4 sets of stand mount speakers that I rotate in my system. Storage of the ones I am not using is a breeze and I just could not have floor standers taking up all my living space, if I had that many sets. A small house problem. Book...