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Half-Speed Masters - are they worth double dipping?
I have some half-speed mastered vinyl from the 70’s. It was truly amazing. But, that was then… don’t think I have any recent.  
Looking for RCA cables from preamp to amp?
Maybe I should be more clear about my rational, such that folks do not think that I am endorsing Blue Jeans cables as great sounding cables. I tried a couple pairs and found them to perform roughly the same as OEM cables, just better built. On AVR... 
Best streamer to replace my Mac Mini?
I’d recommend a used Aurrender. You should be able to get a used N100 or better for that range. Excellent sound quality and very good navigation software. Everyone I know that has gotten off brands… (these are over $10K) complain about how cumbers... 
Importance of streamer in audio chain
Yes. Each is important. My streamer is one of the most expensive components in my system. My rule of thumb is that while you must reseach with great care and purchase the very best at the price point:  30% speakers, 20% streamer, 20% DAC, 20% prea... 
Looking for RCA cables from preamp to amp?
Just a good quality budget interconnect. You want to have good fittings and flexibility.  Blue jeans fit the bill.  
Holbo airbearing turntable
I have never heard of the turntable… not in itself a deal killer… but not too mainstream. The more mechanical a devise the more I want to be close by for possible service. Adding an air bearing in my mind would require a local dealer that would se... 
Cabling Recommends Simaudio Ace/Totem Forest
Do you belong more to souce first or to speakers first school of thought ?
Well, sounds like they both matter.  
Free Tip for Jumpers
Looks to me as if @knownothing  knows something. Thank you for sharing @donquichotte, thank you. Great to hear folks systematically experimenting and sharing their results!  
Why don't streaming services offer album liner notes?
Increasingly they are. On Qobuz if you see “PDF” next to the play button the album the album cover and all the liner notes are there. A little “i” and you get a description.  
What is your front end ?
I started with iPods and iPhones and then MACs into good quality DACs… can sound pretty good considering… until you hear a good purpose built streamer… then they don’t sound so good.  
Power Cables
@mikhailark I think I took my first class in TCP/IP in the late 90s? I’ve been in IT for thirty five years and been in charge of global networks for decades. Best to listen and not theorize.  
All around headphone amp recommendations
A headphone system can be simply breathtaking. Happily I finally found that out. Unfortunately, your requirements for size and price preclude me recommending the stuff I have. But, you might want to have a look at my system and consider this kind ... 
Is the idea of audiophile listening a dying concept as boomers die off?
This question has been coming up for decades with lots of reasons that it is a dying pursuit, but the number of products continues to proliferate. I remember watching in awe as old guys came in and carted off the most recent Audio Research compone... 
Power Cables
@mikhailark    May I suggest you spend some time with a quality audio system and get experience with high quality streamers, and power cords. What you are claiming is very logical but utter wrong in the real world.