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Air Tight amps -- changing voltage to 120V or 230V
IMHO using a transformer is not a bad option.  Use a transformer with 2-4x the wattage rating that you need.  It will run cool and quiet and will not limit aperage to your amp.  Buy a quality brand.  Expect to spend several hundred dollars. Jerry  
A Better Way to Buy Gear - Help Needed
Crickets.... --all the guys on page 1 that were sure this was a scam.  
Did anyone return a PSAudio Powerplant? Why?
PS Audio power plants are probably the biggest selling name out there.  I'm sure they have been returned.   In other hobbies I've noticed a tendency of people to get confused when the widest selling item has a few issues documented on the interne... 
Butcher Block Acoustics Product Differences
I don't do vinyl but I do physics. So as I drink my morning coffee, here are some thoughts on the theory behind it that might help you in your journey. On speakers I generally recommend springs rather than spikes since springs isolate the speaker... 
Power Regenerator or Conditioner for Digital Sources
Realize that the harshness you experinced with the upper frequency range is actually a degraded bass signal.    
Just put the Axxess Noir Resonance control feet under my X3's and all I can say is WOW!!
Are they tuned for the mass of your speakers? they need to be so either they are or you just got lucky. For stability, I like the wider footprint of the Townshends that i use. but if you can get away with it, the smaller footprint you have with on... 
10dB resonant peak at 40Hz
I have a couple of GIK Acoustics corner bass traps that are not very intrusive and I'm not using them.  If you're near SD you're welcome to try them.  Otherwise, look for some near you.  An easy solution if it works.      
Comparison of various subwoofers for 2 channel audio
One thing i've noticed with subwoofers.  there are two types of listeners:  those adding subs just to make the bass natural--the way it was recorded.  And then there are those who want more bass than is recorded on the track.  I'm not criticizing ... 
New Amp concept or already there?
hard way to accomplish an alreay solved problem...you have a solution in search of a problem.  
Auditioning Used Equipment - Am I crazy ?
Dealers are glad to audition equipment when you are paying full retail and they have a huge markup.  May or may not be the same on used equipment. Jerry  
Kickstarter project
I've created my own.    
Summer Power Issues
I work for a utility and 4 to 5 pm is near the peak and probably still increasing.  Now some solar will come off if you have solar.  Solar and wind are the worst power--not synchronized to the grid and have to be managed by the system.  I have an ... 
I need some high quality Printed Circuit Boards Made (DYNACO ST-70)
go point to point if you are looking for quality.  
Holo May KTE vs. Lampizator Atlantic 3 TRP vs. Mola Mola Tambaqui
@audio_bidder Grimm is a great choice and there are MU1's for sale as people upgrade to the MU2.  The Grimm only works with Roon so it is built to sound good with roon.  It has a built in core so that simplifies your system.  
Holo May KTE vs. Lampizator Atlantic 3 TRP vs. Mola Mola Tambaqui
@audio_bidder So your comment about Innuos Sense vs Roon made me go investigate it.  I've heard others say that Sense sounded better and I've dismissed it because my experience tells me that Roon is a control program, neither adding or detracting ...