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New Synergistic Master Fuse
I have a Aries Cerat Kassandra 2 DAC and Lucas Audio LDMS music server with OEM fuses,  The Kassandra requires two fuses and the LDMS requires one.  Has anyone placed a Master fuse in their DAC and Server at the same time?  If you were to place in... 
I tested Inakustic, Tchernov, and Hijiri and a couple of others.  I ended up with Hijiri and they are a great cable.  I would go with speaker cables first.  I have since upgraded to QSA Ultimatum Infinity Speaker cables and they are in another str... 
Placement tips for Synergistic Research HTFs
I have had over 24 HFT's.  The only ones I have left are the ones on the ceiling and the only reason I still have those is I can't reach them.  Save your money.    
Adona Equipment Racks
I have had an Adona rack for a couple of years. Paul was great to work with and the product delivered was of high quality materials.  I was able to sell all of my Townshend pods as a result.    
Axpona 2024 who is going and why?
If anyone wants to hear a full Aries Cerat system and is visiting the Phoenix area I have Essentia, Ageto, Kassandra, and Aurora in the house.  
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
@tonywinga --Are you a member of What's Best Forum?  If so, there is an Aries Cerat forum that has many reviews of Aries Cerat equipment.  I will chronicle my journey on that forum under Aurora speakers.  I suspect I will get around to do that wit... 
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
First impresssion of Kassandra 2 Ref vs Lampizator Horizon.  This was based on my old speakers ---Viking Acoustic Grande Voix Dual Horn speakers.  My amp and Preamp are both Aries Cerat Essentia and Ageto.  My music server is a critical part of my... 
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
Many people will say nothing compares to Vinyl but Digital is getting better and better and if you can find a DAC / Server combination the results are pretty awesome.  Thanks for your analysis of Vinyl vs Digital  
Qobuz vs Tidal
After originally posting this thread three years ago I still have both Tidal and Qobuz.  I do prefer Qobuz for overall sound quality but there really is not that much of a difference.  Sometimes, an artist is not available on Q so then I use Tidal... 
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
@charles1dad  LOL on the WBF comment.  I find WBF members have been very helpful in my audio journey.  Yes, I will try and provide feedback on the differences between Kassandra and Horizon but I will probably do it on WBF.  I am not big on all of... 
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
+1 on the test of vinyl vs digital.  I have read so many threads saying Vinyl can not be matched.  I can't really say as I have not had vinyl for over 20 years.  What I do know is having a great DAC and Music Server can create some unbelievable-so... 
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
@tonywinga  So as not to derail your thread, it would be great to hear an update on your Helene.  
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
@cfa88  The Ageto is outstanding and thanks for asking.  I was 100% convinced after going three years without a Preamp that I did not need one.  I was wrong.  The major difference is that I can now listen to music at really low sound levels and s... 
inakustik cables
Talk to Robert Do from Robert Do designs.  
B&W Wilson Audio Duette2 Sonus Faber Amati Tradition Homage Viking Acoustic Grande Voix Dual horns Aries Cerat Auriora ---oh my