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...submitted for your...

This popped up on my phone this AM... Now, since this has been an 'off 'n on' topic of late, Mik...

Ethernet Switch- what's the point?

I run an Ethernet cable between my router (standard issue from Verizon) and my streaming transpor...

George Winston has passed away

High end speakers at low volume

After having got accustomed to my new Vitus RI-101 mk II, I came to the conclusion that I need to...

Atma-Sphere MA 2s for Dummies (by a dummy)

After a 9 month wait (covid) I finally received my MA 2s. Because these amps were going to be loc...

Furutech Mains Power Cables Hierarchy & Differences

My first experience with a newly fabricated Furutech mains power cable (FP-TCS31 + FI-28 (R) has ...

low frequencies

Hey all, Running a pair of Thiel CS2.4 floor standing speakers and the bass is only sounding best...

Passive preamp

Hello. I wanted to learn more about running a preamp in passive mode versus active mode.  Am I co...

Recommendations for digital recording device?

It strikes me that I would like to record from my preamp, which has tape loop inputs and outputs,...

Review : Pioneer S-HF21LR Speaker / Zenith DVD DVB-812 DVD / Cardas Clear Light Clone RCA

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine  June 2023 Issue Pioneer S-HF21LR Speakers, Zenith DVD DVB-812...

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Virtual Systems Activity
120x85Vinylcat's Main Audio System (vinylcat)
@milpai Quoting my own post below from this thread: The CG-10M is not a must have, but once I ... (vinylcat)
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120x85Vinylcat's Main Audio System (vinylcat)
I agree with you on these speakers. In fact when I auditioned them, they were in front of a ver big showroom window, and yet sounded wonderful.I am consideri... (milpai)
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120x85captelee's Time Machine II (captelee)
Thank You for getting back. That DAC 200 seems really interesting. I am thinking it would sound at a much different level compared to the Oppo.BTW, that pano... (milpai)
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120x85perazzi28's System (perazzi28)
Very nice system! I really enjoy the layout of your room and decor. Enjoy! (highend64)
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120x85audiodidact's System (audiodidact)
dtorc- just had a look at your system---wow!  I can only dream of a system like yours.  It's fantastic, and what a cozy chair!  Despite your absolute kick-as... (audiodidact)
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120x85audiodidact's System (audiodidact)
Thanks, dtorc.  Yeah, The P2 doesn't get much ink but with the Groovetracer mods (als have the counterweight), it really holds it's own. I too went a bit ove... (audiodidact)
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