Responses from grinnell

Recommend me a tube integrated amplifier
Check out Decware.  They have a line of integrated amps from 2 watts up to 60 watt.  American made, well built, sound wonderful :)  
Decware ZTPRE
Have you talked to Steve at Decware about the issue?  
dac recommendations for turntable listener?
Get yourself a used MHDT DAC, very nice analogue sounding, tube DAC  
High sensitivity (99) with mid powered (50 to 100 wpc/tube) amps?
I have a pair of upgraded Quartets (crites tweeters and xover) the Forte's little brother and run it with a 6 watt Grommes PHI-26.  For the price it sounds amazing.  I feel like i'm listening to live music vs my de Capos in my home system.  
What gear do you want to demo?
Some Devore O96s with my Decware Mini Torii    
Cool running, low powered power amp
With those speakers I'd get something from Decware. My 4 watt Mini Torii doesn't put out much heat at all and nice and loud but not thundering with my 92db de Capos  
Finally after 7 years of search... Full Range: Voxativ.
I also love low watts and high DB.  So desire the Voxativ but alas its too pricey :)  
DAC suggestions for a reasonably modest system
MHDT makes great tube DACs   
Which turntable? Pro-Ject or VPI?
VPI  the HW-19 can still be upgraded and repaired by a decent DIYer   built like a tank  if under $1000 seems like a fair price if in VG condition  
Looking for recommendations for integrated with a more “organic” sound.
With those speakers I'd look at Decware  
Sub $2,000 Integrated Amp Recommendations
Tubes, look at Decware, Quicksilver, Line Magnetic  
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
i did that with 3 speakers   BW602s2 Triangle Comte Ref 3A de Capos-had these for 14 years now  
Klipsch forte 2
go to hifi shark  
Best Covers
Our local NPR station has both a news and a music station.  The Colorado Sound at 105.5 has a DJ that does a Boil and Cover segment and comes up with the best and most interesting covers and plays them both.  
Kenwood KR-10000 III questions
check hifi shark for pricing $1K to 2K depending on condition and testing-old caps?