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Have you noticed as your system improves?
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Class D Option For Bass
I went the biamping route using a Rogue ST100 tube amp for the mids/highs and a Nord dual mono Purifi Class D for the bass. Very happy with the result especially the Nord with 250wpc. It might be out of your price range but you might find a used o... 
Is Prima Luna evo 300 a good preamp for parasound a21+?
The Don Sachs looks a bit of a bargain. If I was in the market for a new pre I would grab it.  
Chinese fake cables How fake, how good?
I'm also happy with the few Chinese interconnects I bought but really I wish I had never started this post. I think all that can be said has been said so best call it a day.  
Heavy difficult to move speakers- how do you deal?
+1 to sliders  
Don't do anything!
Possibly you are listening better.  
What’s your favorite audio show to attend and why?
You are lucky you have a choice in the USA. In Australia now there is only one held in Melbourne every god knows when with nowhere near the range of gear that you have.  
Would like to try a tube preamp after years of solid state and hybrid
I recently bought a lightly used Icon Audio LA4 Mk 3 for less than $1500 more from curiosity than anything else and was amazed at the performance. It wasn't as tubey sounding as a CJ pre but had all the other attributes in spades, especially the q... 
Power Cord for Accuphase Amplifier
+1 for the stock cord and save money because Accuphase know what they are doing.  
Beautiful Colored Tube Preamp ($10k budget) to Pair w/ Very Accurate Monitors (PSI A25M)
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Sonus Faber Amati vs. Wilson Sasha V (and perhaps vs. Focal n3)
Another @soix +1 but I would have thought the Arias with subs would be more than adequate for HT. If you are happy with overkill Wilsons or more expensive Focals for HT but Sonus Faber Amati every time for music but I agree with ghdprentice that S... 
Sonus Faber Question
For me Serafino's would be the most logical upgrade but not only would there be a big upgrade in sound quality, even over the Olympica Nova range, but also regrettably a big increase in price. However they would probably be the last speakers you b... 
Aurender Conductor V4 and Qobuz phone app don't match
I had similar problems with the Conductor app and could not find a solution and no help from Aurender. Final solution was to ditch the Aurender and buy an Antipodes to use Roon.  
Audio Research versus McIntosh tube amps: anyone experience or compare both?
ARC over Mac any day but if you want warmth try CJ.  
Looking for a streaming DAC around 4k
If you go with Aurender and they do make quality streamers make sure it is a new model if you want to ever use Roon. I had an earlier Aurender and while I liked the SQ I hated the app. So I bought an Antipodes EX and couldn't be happier but still ...