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Magnepan 3.7i amp pairing
I use Bryston SST in the home theatre to drive an all-Magnepan (except centre) system. Sounds VERY good. So does the 4B SST which drives the isobaric sub. I also use B3 in the listening room to drive DWM’s - it may be overkill, but the sound is j... 
Great Interview-
Many musicians listen first for the performance, to see how other people did it. Maybe so they can too, maybe to know what to avoid. Then too, they listen to live music all the time.  
The Horror
I understand your pain. I like planar speakers - but they are not for everyone, as I think soix was saying. Try auditioning something else. As for the long term, it seems to me that you have three obvious alternatives: headphones, room treatment,... 
Your Ultimate Phono Preamp: Which One Would You Choose?
Just got to brag. My DIY battery powered SS with only air caps (variable) and vacuum caps in the signal path. Discrete nude Vishay resistor selector for volume control. Variable cartridge loading. Adjusts for some deviation from RIAA. Every bell ... 
Not sure what to think
@roadcykler @hilde45  Could you explain the physics behind that contention? Sure. All surfaces reflect to some extent. This causes wave interference, constructive and destructive, which is perceived as amplitude peaks and dips at different pla... 
Need recommendations on 15ft speaker cables
I just upgraded to Canare oxygen-free copper, which is designated 4S11G, possibly the best speaker cable made. It replaced some temporary 12 AWG power cord to the bass panels. There was a minor improvement. Moral of the story - don’t spend big on... 
Hardware or source materail
@noromance   Ah, I understand. Thought the comment was out of character. Thank you for clarifying.  
Hardware or source materail
@noromance  That is a disgusting post.  
Not sure what to think
Sorry to be obscure. My meaning was indeed Oppo/DAC. Good luck with it!  
Where can I get a set of Harmonic Technology pro 11 speaker cables re terminated?
Some banana connectors have a little wire running up the prong. Maybe all you have to do is pry it up a bit, like with a small blade screwdriver. Good luck!  
Not sure what to think
I too have some Bryston gear, including a 9B SST in the HT. That’s a very nice amp for digital. I agree about improving your digital front end - that’s where I would start. Cables last - like after your first 100K. IMO.  
ultrasound record cleaning machine damaged my records
I use an Elmasonic, 5000 records cleaned, no issues. Antinn's response sounds right, and based on who he is, is almost certainly right. Good luck with everything.  
Focal v Wilson
I suggest that, whatever you end up buying, buy cheap cables first. Really cheap. Like $50 tops. Don't buy expensive cables before you are reasonably happy with the rest of the system. At that point AUDITION any cable you want, so long as you can... 
@lewm  I am following the notation on the data sheets, which use wording such as "complement to type XYZ", and of Horowitz and Hill (Art of Electronics Ed 3, 2015, pp106-108). Just wondering if I had misinterpreted.. Agreed about the superb MAT s... 
@lewm Perhaps I am misusing the terms, and you could correct my usage. I am using similar pairs of transistors, NPN and PNP, such as Toshiba 2SC3421 and 2SA1358. Or pairs from the MAT series. Also available on one chip, as in THAT 340. That’s wha...