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Starting Over and I need your help
I would try to get to a dealer and listen to several different systems regardless of cost and find something that sounds good to you- the sound you think you are looking for. Once you’ve narrowed it down, the dealer can assist you in finding stuff... 
1 song you never get sick of?
Romeos Tune. Live the piano part and the melody.   
Do I Need A SUT
I thought a SUT was only used when using a MC cart into an MM phono stage. Is it used in any other way?  BTW, I have to turn the volume knob up on my analog than  my digital. No big deal really. Not like I’m switching back and forth.   
Transfiguration Phoenix S cartridge - impedance loading recommendation?
I had discussed this with Bob Clarke, the distributor for Transfiguration before they stopped production and he felt that the Transfiguration carts were smooth enough on top that the loading became more of a tone control. The preamp we were discus... 
What are the circular discs people use on components?
Damping plates. Several companies make them, including HRS and Artesenia. Supposed to damp resonance in the chassis. Years ago people put bricks on their components supposedly to make things sound better. Never tried them myself, so I have no opin... 
I’m afraid my Audio Aero Capitole mk2 has died
Maybe call Signature Sound in NY. He was an AA dealer and may be able to assist you. The owner is a tech and handles warranty repairs for several lines. Worth a call at least.  
seeking advice on iso pucks /stands or similair that won't stain speakers?
Herbies fat dots. Used them for years and they never left marks.   
Turntable setup NYC area
If you don’t know much about analog yet, how do you know the dealer didn’t do a great job?  What do you think is off?    
Looking for a line conditioner
I’m a big fan of the Audience products. I’ve never compared them directly with any others, but the AR6T made a very positive improvement in my system compared to a Wiremold (Naim) strip. Plus, Audience has excellent customer service and support. I... 
Static on turntable
If static is a real issue, I recommend Gruv Glide. Absolutely kills the static. Some vinyl enthusiasts are against putting any sort of a coating on the records, but GG has been sold by Acoustic Sounds and Music Direct for many years and I have nev... 
Morrow Audio Speaker Cables
I highly suggest you order the break in service. I know some members don’t believe in this, but I bought some Morrow cables years ago and sent them back for the break in service and they sounded much better. Just my personal experience.   
Give Up on Bacch?
It sounds like a big pain in the ass. What for? Life is complicated enough.   
Please Help. J. A. Michell Gyro SE - Speed Issue
I think the first thing you should try is replacing the belt. My Basis is very speed sensitive to different belts. Worth a try at least.   
Tara Labs
I recall @calvinj being a huge proponent of Tara cables. Perhaps he can offer an explanation.   
Ansuz Darkz resonance control footers
@davejaz - I don’t know if this is what you meant in your last post, but I would not use the Symposium together with Vibrapods, as Symposium works with rigid coupling between the component and the shelf. One or the other.