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What’s your favorite audio show to attend and why?
I've been to Tampa and to Washington DC twice, because I can drive there from Atlanta. They are both good shows, and different from each other; I recommend both. I'll try to go to Chicago in 2025 (although late winter is a gloomy time of the year ... 
Which has a greater influence on sound quality, the amp or the preamp?
Both of course, but to answer the question I agree with ghdprentice.  
Battle of the Open Baffles
+1 for dougthebiker--GR Research NX-Otica. They need a medium level skillset to assemble (and lots of clamps--rent from Home Depot). The CNC work is just about perfect. Or you can always hire a woodworker, carpenter, or handyman to assemble them f... 
Aurender or Lumin streamer only?
Can anyone add their experience or comparison with the PSAudio Air Lens Streamer?  
Tekton Open Baffle Speakers
Take a look at GRResearch NX Open Baffle Speakers. Great sound, excellent detail at low volumes, and rock as hard as you can stand it.   
Aggrivated tinnitus from speakers?
I have tinnitus from gunfire, and a "missing" band of high frequencies. It is especially aggravated by horn tweeters, but not by ribbons, AMT, electrostatics, or soft domes. RAAL tweeters are especially lovely to me. I think your problem is probab... 
New DAC with streamer
The PSAudio DirectStream DAC Mk 2 is significantly better than the Mk 1, and about half the price of the Bricasti. If you go with PSA you can probably trade in your Mk 1 and/or maybe get an AirLens too in a package deal. Future developments for DA... 
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
NX-Oticas. I have not found anything I like better at any audio show under $25,000. If you don't want to DIY, just hire a carpenter to make them for you.  
Rel t9x or Rythmik F12G
I highly recommend Rythmik servo subwoofers, which can probably control the expected low-bass reverberation problems in your small room. They include superior adjustable EQ, which works better than phone-controlled stuff. Your small room does not ... 
Recommendation for Repair Service for Dodd Audio Battery Preamp
To summarize: the preamp failed completely. Got a recommendation for a repair guy who had known Dodd personally, and who might be able to save it. But he said Dodd was very secretive about his designs and so potted everything, including the tube ... 
Help and opinions needed on pre-amp situation
Simplest answer is yes, you need a tube preamp, especially if you're going to keep those Class D Amps. Try, borrow, whatever, but see for yourself.  
The greatest Pop song yet written and recorded.
Thank you. I love every song mentioned here....and feeling so grateful that I grew up listening to our greatest age of music, the breakout of imagination and tunefulness of the 50s/60s/70s.  
You’re An Independent Dealer, Which Companies And What Products Would You Represent?
I'd recommend offering some tube amps and tube preamps and setting up an excellent listening room to compare them with solid state and Class D. That would be a rare gift of audio learning, hopefully appreciated enough to generate sales, and someth... 
Budget preamp with quality volume control
audioman58 I'm interested in your modded Schitt Freya+. Try personal response to condosound.  
cheapest speaker made in the last 10 year that can beat any speaker made before 1970?
asvjerry, you poor thing. My mother taught deaf children to feeling the beat through their feet as she pounded on the floor. There is music and fun in the world, and all you have to do is listen however you can.