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Thumper’s Mother
it  ( we ) are the normal distribution…. the extremes interest and repel me…. @uncledemp is a dude i would fish with….. I would like to see a double blind test to see if posters could reliably identify a thumbs down vote….    
Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
@northbeach Any chance you live near Woodmont ?  
Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
Another vote for the Vandersteen Treo or even the 3A-signature which when paired w a solid amp has amazing low end and the famous 5a midrange and tweeter. I am of course biased as i own Treo CT and 7’s, You have a fantastic Vandersteen dealer in T... 
Some thoughts on ASR and the reviews
@pynkfloydd excellent summary of how that thread went. i for one am happy you are here :-) Enjoy the music  
12 wire compared to Nordost Blue Heaven Speaker Cable?
I want to hear a tube Ampzilla….  
MoFi "Mobile Fidelity" Master Phono.
I have heard it for several hours recently in a system w Mofi deck, cartridge, PS Audio and a very lovely set of Kef reference X standmounts. Excellent sound. @big_greg might comment w his impressions and clarify what model Kef. In general, agre... 
12 wire compared to Nordost Blue Heaven Speaker Cable?
The only way to know will be to invest in better fuses…those are holding you back…  
Bob Weir: "George Jones is my favorite musician."
@stuartk You might also like Railroad Earth  
Bob Weir: "George Jones is my favorite musician."
Ya….Charlie - Love Blackberry Smoke… they kick A live….  
ABX testing with AQ Dragon power cords
A lovely honest assessment, good on you and the host.  ‘imo and excluding shows, I hear 20…30 systems a year…subject  system have reached the mac limits of resolution.   
When Was The Audio Golden Age?
esoteric = intended for a few… Now is golden…enjoy it. But just in case…i run a ( heavily modified ) 1961 MC240 in one of my systems…  
Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers
Aesthetix Mimas is fantastic ;-) i’ve setup three systems w those…. finesse and drive.  
Sound stage of studio recordings
Trinity was done with an Ambisonic ( array ) microphone…. and with speakers that don’t destroy the subtle time and phase information… can be shocking…    
Listening Room
Shahinian….. big fun for the tradeoffs of a wide sweet spot Also…i have both a dedicated and more multi use space… many  dedicated rooms are overtreated … you might be ahead….  
Tube amps under $7500
Always a BIG fan of RM’s Music Reference work…including the power amps…but they are super neutral ….hardly overly tubey but very very musical… get fantastic RAM tubes for them !  9 mk2 or the 200. IF you have fairly efficient speakers or don’t lis...