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That Transformational piece of Gear We All Wish For
dCS network bridge. Relaxed the sound, opened it up and all the harshness and sibilance disappeared   
Active Speakers Don't Sound Better
@donquichotte I have both SCM20 passive and active and also SCM150 passive and active. The preamps are Mcintosh C1100 and the amps are MC1.25KW for the 150s and MC462 for the 20. The DAC is MSB Premier and all Cardas cables. I can tell you that ... 
Active Speakers Don't Sound Better
I have both active and passive ATC speakers. The passive ones murder the active ones any day of the week.  
Solid State Power Amps
For 25K I would go with the MC1.25  
What was the most expensive record that you ever bought ?
I recorded myself and thought I sounded like million dollars.  On the other hand, my wife thought that the cat died!  
Preamplifier sound Quality impact in home theatre bypass
You can just listen with and without   
Anyone listen to entire albums?
I work for home so I listen to entire 3746612774840009844737772222947474799000000 albums   
Does Every Track Sound Great on Your System?
Pretty much yes! I have yet to hear something sounding bad.  
I see the issue with ABX blind testing
It is not possible to see it. That’s why it’s called blind.  
Back to the DAC
I have the MSB Premier. Very relaxed and analog sounding DAC without any strain. Highly recommend.  
Ethernet Cables - what are you using and why?
Cardas Clear CAT7 from modem to DAC  
Seeking Bookshelf Recommendations
ATC SCM20   
Music first or sound first?
Music! Especially when I do my singalongs  
FedEx - strange shipping progress (to UK)
You are just frustrated because City  will win!  
15k for streamer and dac....how much on each?
MSB Discrete with Renderer