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Need a big favor picking a preamp
@davetheoilguy from WBF, just saying different members.  https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/nagra-hd-pre-amp-arrived-today.24681/    
Need a big favor picking a preamp
@yogiboy good one enjoyed that.   
Why is selling used stereo equipment involve people from the sales platform?
USAM will do this from time to time, example if you are listing a product as NEW Condition 11 and open the boxes to take pictures they will instruct you to update the ad to a lower grade Mint-10, as you opened the box. Not a big deal IMHO. I thin... 
Need a big favor picking a preamp
@davetheoilguy Head on over to WBF. Much more diverse group over there both from an economic and intellectual level. You are going to find members with more actual experiences to share on this subject than here. https://www.whatsbestforum.com/f... 
Need a big favor picking a preamp
  I have had a listen to Nagra HD and the Momentum both in brand matched systems and was very impressed. I am a less is more guy and prefer SPL from Germany. Why are you not auditioning the Classe Preamps? Oh that was real helpful.    
Good measuring DACs vs.
@ellajeanelle not here in South Dakota. Girls will look at you and say who is that stupid city boy?  
It's attention, not money, we should budget
In principle I agree with your premise. Execution is another element and for some the scale solidness when patients are tested and the perceived net result is not gained. The easier thing to do is throw money at the problem.  I actually found that... 
Network/Ethernet Improvements Suggestions
Fiber and be done.   
A $250 Power Conditioner?
@tablejockey the QRT does work. My neighbor has 4 in his system. They work quite well, have you ever tried them? Read any of the reviews and tests?   
A $250 Power Conditioner?
Slow night at ASR. Trolls are out.  
A $250 Power Conditioner?
Ozzy agreed. Love the trolls come out every time, never tried it and don’t have $250 to try it so it has to be BS.    If you have never tried this device, just shut your pie hole.   
Did your system getting better the more money you spent or more experience you gained?
Agree with @mapman. It’s synergy not monies spent. Spend wise and select components wisely.   
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
@jjss49 Maybe? 😏 he he this may just be a giant circle jerk  
Little help with REL subwoofers, please?
Such rubbish, no data and based 100% on this KH opinion.    T series subs not fast enough and made in china I would get 2 S/510’s. Remember even if Maggie’s are affordable they need the very best in electronics and subs for much more expensive s... 
Has anybody bought or heard a Chinese knock off amplifier?
Let sleeping dog lie. Why resurrect this thread? Who care buy what you want from who you want. Free market.