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Deal Alert
Found it (page T11).  
Deal Alert
Thanks Bro...  
Help, my system seem to have slowly gotten " bright"
Ferro fluid drying out? Some tweeters use Ferro fluid (reason escapes me) which requires changing from time-to-time. Talk to a dealer, or the factory, about this possibility. Regards  
The Horror
It’s just relativity. Next time you get home from T.H.E. Show, don’t listen to any music for a week.  
Where can I get a set of Harmonic Technology pro 11 speaker cables re terminated?
 Try to desolder the old one off instead of cutting wire. I had my HT Pro 9s reterminated so many times, there isn't much wire left.  
MBL 101E
How old is each pair? This model has been around 30 years or more. A five year old pair is worth more than a 25 year old pair.  
Right, you must audition the amp they want you to buy. Another option is to buy one used as Pass does very well on the resale market (the Benchmark does too).  
When was the last time when serious new instrument was invented ?
Here's something new:    
When was the last time when serious new instrument was invented ?
I’d say the most exciting thing on the music horizon is AI. Who hasn’t wished for an app that could build a song around a riff or a few bars hummed from your mouth? I have a collection of fragments that have magically appeared in my head over the... 
If $300 is not an extreme burden for you, I'd give the new amp a try. The fact that you are very happy with the Benchmark doesn't mean you couldn't be "happier". I'm ecstatic with my B&W 804D3 but would love to hear the new SVS Titans in my s... 
Unplugging power cords from amps/ pre amps
I think if the equipment is turned off, it’s O.K. to unplug at equipment end. To be extra sure, find which circuit breaker provides power and trip it before unplugging. Some equipment these days remain active, somewhat, even when turned off. Not a... 
You were just very tired (what were you doing that day?). Happened to me recently.  
Living With A Class A Tube Amp
For your consideration https://www.jadis-electronics.com/en/i70-57.php  
David Sanborn passed
Surge protector
@rvpiano If you find a true surge suppressor, make sure to determine if it is A. Resettable or B. Sacrificial. A sacrificial model may self-destruct in the act of saving your equipment. This may become expensive.