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Vibration dampening
I have a floating wood floor that was not working well with my subs.  The subs were boomy and shaking the room.  I installed Iso Acoustic feet on the subs and the problem was solved.  I'm now very satisfied and you can't "hear" the subs in the sys... 
Small Discrepancies in Speaker Placement
When I got my latest pair of speakers I was constantly moving them for about 6 months in very small increments.  At one point I found that magic spot and it was after repositioning them only about an inch!  Keep in mind that rooms are not really a... 
Heavy difficult to move speakers- how do you deal?
The sliders will work but you will have to get the discs under the spikes before setting them on the sliders which is a PITA.   Alternative idea to move them only once for placement purposes:  get a piece of Masonite that is a few inches larger ... 
Solo streamer
I agree with those who are recommending an upgrade of the DAC.  This will surely be your best bang for the buck.  I did a DAC upgrade it it's really like getting a whole new system.  That dramatic in my rig.  Good luck and cheers.    
Small footprint subwoofer
A couple of thoughts on this since small rooms are tough with subs.   Most importantly, sub placement in a small room is critical.  Be careful about putting a sub(s) too close to a corner.  Two subs will be better to cancel out the nodes.   Th... 
Interconnects priority
I agree with the source first calls.  
Upgrade Denafrips Terminator 2
It would be helpful to know about the components in the rest of your system for a proper recommendation.    
Opinions on Bluesound vs Sonos.
OP - The Node has a trigger out that I use to wake up my Crown amp so you're good to go.   If it's within budget, I would use a regular, non powered, Node in front of a new integrated amp (best option) or use the preamp out of the node into a se... 
Ebay selling my missing amplifier
That's horrible, hope you get satisfaction.  Good luck!  
Why don't streaming services offer album liner notes?
@ghdprentice great info!  I too find the lack of metadata frustrating but I'm trying to be patient for the streaming services to catch up.  I miss all the liner notes and info but don't want to go back in time to racks and racks of physical media.    
Any chance you can roll back the update?  Fingers crossed for you.  
Holo May KTE vs. Lampizator Atlantic 3 TRP vs. Mola Mola Tambaqui
Great post & thanks for sharing. Cheers  
Sonus Faber Question
If your main listening position on the couch is too far back maybe get a side chair and just place it in the sweet spot for critical listening and put it back off to the side for proper WAF.  How about putting some casters on an Eames chair and ro... 
Sonus Faber Question
Unless the speakers are right against the walls, which isn't ideal, your listening position at 14' away is too far.  Measure how far apart the speakers are from tweeter to tweeter then multiply that by 128% and use that for a starting position for... 
Help, my system seem to have slowly gotten " bright"
Were the speakers previously toed in more?  With some speakers this can make a huge difference.