What speakers have you mistakenly let go and then later repurchased?

Or maybe wished you wouldn't have sold? 


I managed to repurchase the same acoustic Corporation 360/361 Bass amplifier that I purchased new from Leo's Music in Oakland CA in 1969 almost two years later from the same party. 

DCM Time Windows. Owned from 1977- 81. Bought again in 2017. Infinity Monitor 1A’s owned in 1977. Bought again in 2016. Quad 57’s owned 1981-2000. Bought again in 2017 (two pairs).

Vandersteen 1ci. Upgraded to the 2 thinking if I liked the 1 the 2 would have to be better. It wasn't the case for my ears and spaces in my house. Later came by a gentleman who was letting a mint pair go cheap, so I bought them again. Now they serve as my non-critical listening downstairs system. 

I had a pair of PBN Montana SP2 II loudspeakers. I sold them to a buddy. When I started missing them I bought another pair. Later sold that pair. Then I bought the original pair back from said buddy. The last time I owned them was around 2006 or so. I still have fond memories of them, they just did most things right and few things wrong.


Vienna Acoustics Schonberg's.  I had a pair in black about 15 years ago that I sold.  I missed out on a pair about 4 years ago but then 3 years ago I was able to find a minty set in silver with the Subson subwoofer.  I jumped on those and I'm glad I did.

I owned the Reference 3A MM DeCapo(i) twice. Owned, sold, repurchased a different pair a couple of years later. Have since moved on to different speakers, but I still think the DeCapo is a really good small-ish 2-way standmount.

Spendor SP 100

TDL Monitor

Celestion sl6si

Owned all of them twice; still own the Celestions.

I have a pair of Spendor SP9/1's that I'm afraid to let go of for this reason - they don't do anything seriously wrong.  I've owned them for over twenty years.

At one point I had 2 or 3 extra sets of speakers and listed most of them on Craigslist.  My intent was to just keep whatever didn't sell, but when someone offered to buy my Klipsch Quartets... I just couldn't let them go.

I have a pair of Spendor SP9/1's that I'm afraid to let go of for this reason - they don't do anything seriously wrong.  I've owned them for over twenty years.

That's a speaker marriage. 😁

I had a pair of modded Dahlquist DQ-10’s That I wish I still had. The tweeters were replaced with a Decca ribbon tweeters and the crossover was updated with better components and the crossover point and roll in slope were changed.


Bought Paradigm Signature S4 twice. They do some things real well. 

Others I would consider buying again Tekton DI (although I would likely do Moabs or higher) or Guru QM2 for a smaller 2nd system , or Snell type E lll as they were musical as all get out. For the prices you can sometimes find the Snells for I would consider them being in a garage system (although they deserve better😃)

Road Doublets, owned for nearly 20 years, sold to a friend, bought back, given to son, swapped back.  Eventually replaced with Audio Physic Sitara 25's. Must have bought 6 pairs to replace the Royd's, Monitor Audio, Kef, B+W, Yamaha, even Sonab OA4's, nothing until the AP's sounded right ( they may well have been better just not right)?


Martin Logan Monolith IIIx.

So frickin' cool looking.
Never really got them to sound good, but, hey... 

Sold to a guy in Japan and made money on them. So... mixed feelings.

At the moment, I don't think my Vandersteen 5 speakers are going anywhere soon.


I had the Spendor 9/1's for several years after selling the SP100's. I upgraded the crossovers and wiring myself, but in the end, I always felt more affection for the sound of the SP100's. They are very good speakers though, and really beautiful. People would comment on their appearance.

Infinite Slope Model .6 which I had lusted over since college days.  Finally bought a pair, but sold them for some Axiom M80 towers.  Big mistake.  Bought another pair of the .6 (actually two pair) along with ultimately a pair of Infinite Slope Model 1 and then the Model 2's.  Eventually sold them all and moved on to Focal.  The Model 1's were the favorite of mine out of all those products.  Too dated of styling though for me anymore, but they went to a good home.

Late 80s Infinity Kappa 9s, best rock speakers I’ve ever owned…..good even with crappy 80s and 90s recordings 

Magnapans, don’t remember the model, had kids and they had to go. Now I’d love a pair again but with two giant Maine Coon cats and a 105 pound Golden Retriever I just know they get damaged.  Maybe some day…


Large Advent Walnut Cabinets

But, I just got a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 300 7Gs, so I'm missing those two a lot less.

Never bought same speaker twice. If I may, these are speakers I should have bought but didn't:

1. Hales Signature II

2. Dunlavy SC-4A

3. Sonus-Faber Extrema

4. Audio Artistry Beethoven

My current speakers, B&W 804D3, are better than I deserve.

Wharfedale EVO-40s, bought on closeout for $800, sounded like $4k, should have kept for my secondary system. All they needed was a bargain sub or two. Better midrange clarity than my Legacys.

Better than I deserve.  Is that a guilty conscience?

I like the expression though.

I was sad about every speaker I sold but I wanted to

try something new so it is a a Yeah/Boo situation. 



JBL XPL 200’s

Bought in the eighties they were ok with bad electronics, sold them jump to 2021 friend had the pair with Michi x5’s and lumin streamer and oh my freakin god, the soundstage transparency up there with $20,000 focal’s I owned. Found a pair online bought them back instantly for $2k never looked back sold the focal’s and happy happy

I sold my beautiful Mirage M3's, they were very good sounding.




Matt M

It looks like a lot of members are listing speakers that they owned only once and regret selling. This is about speakers that you bought twice.

Bought new and sold in ’90 a pair of ESS AMT 1Cs’, but never could forget that large amt driver and how damn fast it was...

Kicked self too many times, finally eBay’d a pair with original xovers and pair of meh 12" drivers of unknow origin. (Later reconed for practice...)

Of course I replaced the ribbons, nothing else to break with them except your foot if you're clumsy... ;)

Got gifted with a new pair last year, along with an ESS Eclipse 2241 am xover .

Still looking into a woofer that can keep up with them....*G*

My first speaker of quality was theKlipsch Heresy , ibought back inthe 70 s 

40 years later after learning about modding speakers and newer technologies I purchased the latest version , they still use lower cost Xover parts even inthe Top Khorns , That being said thatis their weak link and soundnight and day more coherent and refined after modding  them .my brother has them now

and is enjoying them .

also another speaker That has very good potential is maggi I owned the3.5

then 3.6  the Xover parts inside not good , and to do them justice a external Xover is needed for there is little room inside all quality aftermarket parts are much bigger 

and those horrible banana connectors rob detail from the start .

@m-db, very cool! 

oh man, i had an acoustic 320 and 2x15 cabinet, bought it for $400 in 1990 or 1991...a few years later pawned it. then bought it 10 years later from a completely different pawn shop. walked in lookin for something else and couldnt walk out without it. fantastic amp. got a 370 also, which, til it blew, sounded even better.

@jasonbourne52 - are those Infinity Monitor Ia’s or IIa’s?  I still have my Monitor  IIa’s that I bought in 1976, but hadn’t heard of Monitor Ia.


I bought a pair of Totem Sttafs after selling a previous pair (upgraded to Mani Ii).

Snell A III's.....I heard a piano playing in a local HI FI shop's sound room...I thought it was a live pianist playing an actual piano , live in the room....I went back to check it out and it was the first Bruce Hornsby album . I went back a couple weeks later to buy those "dreamy" speakers and was told that they were sold... Disappointed I searched the next couple years for the speaker I could not get out of my head. Then I saw a pair advertised in the paper and called the owner...I told him my story and he said that HE was the one who bought the Snell A 3's I heard in the store...Wow...I immediately bought the without an audition. I miss them alot but I'll have to find a pair locally because they are almost impossible to ship.

Kudos cardea C20, really better than my Focal 907be, the SEAS crescendo K2 tweeter is wonderfull compared to Focal béryllium, it's an another world !

Miller Kreisel S1B pair. I found a pair of Satellite 1B decades later, and was surprised how good they are, now that I have a better idea how to integrate them with a subwoofer, and use the variable crossovers to allow for different placements.

The first were AR3a's.  I've now had three separate pairs!  I have owned 2 pairs of JBL L100's.  I wish I'd have kept Totem Sttaf and Platinum Audio Solo's.   I also owned 2 pairs of Solo's.   Regret selling B&W 804 Matrix.  I once put all my audio possessions into a spreadsheet and came out with the same conclusion: 

I'm sick :)      

Heard this story many times.

Lived joyfully with Quad 57s for years. Then sold them to get dynamics bass and treble. (Probably also never had the right amp)

Always missed them. When I saw an ESS rebuilt pair, grabbed them. 
Now, would never have any other.

Vienna acoustics Beethoven, I tried many speakers that could go louder or had harder driving bass, even the VA Strauss didn't have the mids and top end of the beethovens. Now they're serving ht duties in my tv room, but upgrading from them cost a small fortune.

Like mglik, I bought my first pair of the old Quads in the late 80s. Sold them when Quad announced they would no longer provide parts for the 57s. Bought my second pair in the early 2000s and kept them for about 8 years. Just bought my third pair and this set I will hold on to forever (I'm a slow learner). The Quad ESL is not perfect, but it's the closest thing to perfection that I have heard in my home.  

I never sold a pair and later wshed I had kept them.


I just kept the ones I really bonded with. Still own (and use) Energy Reference Connoisseur, Martin Logan CLS, Vandersteen 4A, and Wilson Maxx 2

I have also never regretted selling off a pair of speakers, even if I enjoyed them at the time. I kept moving up, and carefully.

I did enjoy an old McCormack DNA-1 power amp (and a 0.5 too) but let them go only to eventually re-buy another DNA-1 (cheaply/lucky on eBay) which is a rock-solid and nice sounding back-up amp for many speakers.     That's it.