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ReL Subs: High Level or Low Level connection
mijostyn   Your's was an informative ah-ha post for me. Hacks that we are, despite the systems star grounding we assumed a grounding issue but were very hesitant to lift the amplifier ground. The three of us could hear a noticeable issue when th... 
ReL Subs: High Level or Low Level connection
sns "I much prefer the REL’s integration vs the low level with DSP I’ve tried with other subs designed for low level outs." What make and model of third party DSP or the make and model subwoofer with onboard low level input processing did you tr... 
ReL Subs: High Level or Low Level connection
Initially, I agree with lalitk. I'll say my extremely short lived experience with REL  favored using the low level signal. Relocating the sub-bass speaker and equalizing the low level signal greatly improved every aspect of the product. Except fo... 
JTR RS1s (18” sealed subs) vs JL Audio E112s, (JBL 4367)
The Captivator page mentions the presence of digital signal processing. Lacking a published link, do they offer auto and or manual processing?     
Stacking subwoofers
Since both your speakers and your Bass Speaker are -6dB sub bass systems their low frequency roll off is so dramatic its likely neither will excite your rooms standing wave bass modes regardless of where they're located. This opens the door for al... 
room setup suggesion needed
Decades ago my loft space was a bit larger and more rectangle. I was using the bands Altec A7's, a similar two way bass reflex / horn. An acquaintance recording Engineer had just sold me his Octavium subwoofer. After showing me how to position a ... 
Best Subwoofer Connection for Music
@oldrooney   "I haven’t gotten that far yet on this go-round. I’ve placed the sub in the listening position and gone around the room to find the spot the bass was strongest.''  Determining your rooms actual standing wave bass modes using a sub pl... 
Best Subwoofer Connection for Music
Where are your subwoofer cabinets positioned within your room and how were those locations determined?  
REL S510 or S812
I agree with hilde45 and audiorusty. At -6dB even if you purchased five more of any REL "Sub-Bass" systems they all roll off the lower frequencies so dramatically so as not to excite most rooms bass modes. While this allows for room placement fle... 
Subwoofer for music only ?
@rbull11   "but with the SVS app I can easily make adjustments if the subwoofer is under the foot of the bed like my last one. ( can't access control panel ) and having the side woofer configuration it will work for my set-up." No experience with... 
Passive subwoofer amps help!
Looking to Behringer or QSC amplifiers with DSP. Suggestions from pro audio or your nearest guitar Center could be of help.  
Passive subwoofer amps help!
Looking to Behringer amplifiers with DSP. Suggestions from pro audio or your nearest guitar Center could be of help.  
Worst Speakers Ever??
The first time I heard stereo reasonably positioned was in my loft through the bands Altec A7’s. A friend loaned his Fisher receiver and Benjamin Miracord / Shure for a few days before a party. That was the hook! I replaced the A7’s with much sma... 
Perlisten D212 Subs (2) in the house.
I can't access the application. According to one review the sub generates a single 40Hz test tone. Makes adjustments to itself at its location across eleven parametric frequency bands?      
Geddes multiple subwoofer method - 3 subs vice 4
@rauliruegas  If you should happen on a used Plus in any size I think you might be amazed. All the best.