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....unless yours is a name on that list.  Then those people have an idea that theirs is getting built and possibly shipped this month.    
Changing a speaker color
I'm no painter so I would find a local auto body guy to do it for me.  I'd just remove the drivers, speaker terminals, etc. and drop them off.    
Starting Over and I need your help
I'd try some tube rolling first.  That can change the sound of a tube amp enough to make you happy.  I have a similar power-level tube amp for my home office and with my 90dB speakers, it sounds great and I have enough power for the room, IMO.   ... 
Tube Amp recommendation for Thiel CS1.6 under $2k
Are you open to new and used?  
Need some treble
Depending on your speakers and placement, you might be able to get a bit more perceived treble from just toeing them in more towards your listening position.  It's an easy and free adjustment.  
What is the model of subwoofer?  
Best Subwoofer Connection for Music
It sounds like you could connect both subwoofers using the speaker-level inputs.  I prefer to not use the speaker-level outputs on the subs to feed the mains running through the subwoofer amp, relying on the subs internal crossover.  I prefer to j... 
Electric bill any high
A streamer and a DAC shouldn't double an electric bill, unless your bill was $1/ month to begin with. My 80wpc tube amp only costs about $3/month to run daily. There's probably something else drawing power such as your A/C, faulty refrigerator(s... 
Self Powered Outdoor Speakers
Hopefully after 15 years the OP made a decision.  
In Walls
For inwalls, I'd check out the offerings from James Loudspeakers, Triad, Phase Technology (CI110, CI130, CI120).  All 3 manufacturers sell through custom home integrators, though.The good part about that is they will handle the custom installation... 
Cary SLI-80 tweaks and improvements?
Just for future reference, Cary emailed back a list of bias settings for the various tubes that will work:   EL-34 50mA KT-77 50 mA KT-88  75mA 6550 75 mA KT-120 75mA - 80mA Do not use KT-66's.  
Decware Sarah 300B Amp?
I don't think anyone looking at or owning 300B SET amps are looking for huge power.    
Decware Sarah 300B Amp?
As a Decware owner, not the Sarah, they do make some fantastic sounding amplifiers.  Their waitlist is crazy-long now, but occasionally used pieces come up for sale. Due to that, the secondary market prices are basically the same as new prices. Th... 
Cary SLI-80 tweaks and improvements?
I found the plate voltage for mine.  Measured it at 588v.  So for future reference, there it is.  
Cary SLI-80 tweaks and improvements?
Cary informed me that the hexfreds just replace the existing diodes and the tube rectifiers stay.   Also, does anybody know the plate voltage in these?  I can't find a stated value any where.  It would be helpful for trying different tubes.