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Tidal removing all MQA
@fsgattuso For the love of God quit trying to preach that vinyl is superior to streaming, it is not. Vinyl’s sound quality is inferior and becomes more so incrementally every time you play an album. Then there’s the pops and hiss issue. Of course ... 
If it actually does sound better, without having to invest in new equipment, I’m all for it. But we shall see if it lives up to the promises…  
Thumper’s Mother
@uncledemp very poor example regarding hitting a wife.  As a policeman for 25 years I’ve arrested many men (and some women) for Domestic Violence, some gave me the opportunity to (legally) hit them, but actually seeing the results of such violence... 
Hardware or source materail
Dump the vinyl and stream instead, better selection and SQ, and way less physical effort.  Welcome to 2024…  
HiFi on the Go - Dream or Reality?
Bowers & Wilkens PX8 Wireless (with wired option) Noise Cancelling Headphones! Great sounding with Bluetooth 5.2, and built like a tank, the quality is obvious from the moment you pick them up, very comfortable to wear, too.  
Headphones for a noisy household
There’s a set of Bowers & Wilkens PX7 S2 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones on USAM for a great price, they would fit your desire for better sound with a quiet sound floor, also built like a tank (but not as heavy)!  
I need a extension cord with
While your at it, for only a couple hundred bucks get power conditioning and surge protection, Amazon has this Furman Power Conditioner, White (PST-8D), I’ve got two and they work great!  
Re: streaming recommendations for newbie
gkelly- Wow, the OP states $500 to $1000 and you bump up your suggestion to “a nickel” over what he wanted to spend?  Granted it’s a great product and well worth the price, but most people don’t equate a nickel to $500! 😂  
Small amp or all in 1 choice?
NAD C 700 is perfect for your needs, I have one in a bedroom system with Monitor Audio Silver RS 6 speakers and they sound great, built in Bluesound Node streaming, too.  
Audiophile Comedy
My wife is pissed, she’s gotta get new dryer ductwork now…😂😂😂😂  
Should Amps be plugged into a power conditioner?
I have a decidedly mid-fi bedroom system, NAD C700, Cullen Cable Gold Series power cable, into a Furman Powerstation 8 Digital Linear Power/Surge Protector, then into a hospital grade receptacle.  I can detect no difference between directly into t... 
Are You a Swifty?
Though I haven’t bought any of her products. I do like her music. My niece went to one of her concerts and was out of her mind with praise about how good and interactive it was, as well as legitimately lasting 3 hours. I do sometimes listen to her... 
A Tale for Your Bemusement
Great story!  
Rigid outlets for Heavy cables
Thanks Eric, never knew these existed, ordering some soon!  
Opinions on NAD please
I’ve had an M33, which was outstanding, and currently have a NAD C700 which is in my bedroom system, and is also outstanding.  Had the M33 for about a year then downsized and sold it for near what I paid for it. Zero problems with either, great ve...