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Dennis Had Inspire PSE 300B WOW!!!
Am I missing something? I see four empty sockets for the 300B's?   
Power cord - 5 ft vs 10 ft ?
"It only has to be long enough to reach the wall outlet" - Peter Walker of Quad.  
Novice needs opinions for new system
You already have an amazing hi-end system! Custom speakers with JBL and Fostex  drivers! A Zanden tube amp! Plus a Primaluna and Audio Mirror tube amps! You would be the envy of many audiophiles! You haven't mentioned music sources? I suggest gett... 
Wayne Shorter Has passed
He was part of the great Miles Davis 60's quartet. RIP!  
What Receiver for B&W DM3000's
Just get an NAD integrated amp with streaming. AM/FM radio is antique stuff! Plenty of Internet radio channels to choose from!  
Preamp tube for cronus magnum iii
General Electric 6814!  
Why Are We Breaking Our Brains?
We are not chained to our sensory perceptions! Over the past three centuries of the discovery of electricity we have developed theories and measurements to confirm or disprove said theories. Audio is a more recent subset, going back to Lee DeFores... 
Upgrade Cables or Just Upgrade Equipment & Live in Shame?
Contrary to what soix said the cat6 between your router and streamer is fine! No need to change it.  
Linn Sondek Phono Preamp
You might consider a moving coil cartridge like a Hana  SL - which the Mani 2 can handle.  
Linn Sondek Phono Preamp
For tubes an older Conrad Johnson preamp is a good choice.   
Linn Sondek Phono Preamp
Michael Fremer of Analog Planet likes the Schiit Mani 2 phono stage ($149). Check out his review there.  
Upgrade Cables or Just Upgrade Equipment & Live in Shame?
No need to buy more cables! Adding another REL sub is a good idea! I am not convinced that using four sub's is necessary.   
Are Cardas Parsec cables Overkill for Zen Stream?
A $10 Monoprice cable will do just as well as an expensive boutique cable. Honestly! Wire is the last thing you need to worry about!  
Question about Active Bi-amping
Buy a better pair of speakers. The Motion 40's aren't worth fooling with!  
Never heard an amp do this before, ideas?
Keep the inputs plugged in! Problem solved!