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Shortest Product Demo Ever: Had to Hit the Eject Button and Get the #*@% Out of There?
@waytoomuchstuff    In my opinion, klipsch finally got the Cornwall right with the IV.  
Shortest Product Demo Ever: Had to Hit the Eject Button and Get the #*@% Out of There?
Why would you tell half a story? You can mention the speaker brand, I’m sure nobody will take away your birthday.  
Lucinda Williams' Stories From A Rock n Roll Heart.
That’s a really cool story, thanks for sharing. I have been a fan a long time and have seen her live twice. The first time was at the Disco Rodeo in NC, great show. The second time was at Bristol Rhythm n Roots festival. Not great, seemed like she... 
Lumin U2 mini vs Mac laptop sound test
I replaced a Node with a U1 mini and it was a noticeable improvement.  
Gold Note PH-1000 Best Phono Preamp?
Notice the OP never came back to his own thread. That should tell you all you need to know….  
Playing CDs sounds better than Qobuz — dammit
3x the cost of the node is still not a terribly expensive piece of gear in this hobby. But well worth the cost. I went from a Node to a Lumin and was delighted.  
Advice on how to liquidate system
This is what a community is all about. A member has an issue and everyone is eager to offer insight and assistance. Very refreshing.  
Any Thoughts?
I like pie      
Question for Vandersteen owners
Whatever subs you end up with, buy one of these. You can thank me later.     Anti-mode 8033 II  
Your experience of moving to two subs
Two 👍👍 for two subs!  
All Stocked Up and Nowhere To Play
    mahler123 2,424 posts 04-29-2023 at 01:57pm I have a nephew who bought an lp a few years ago at Barnes and Noble and was shocked when he discovered that he couldn’t play it on his computer   I weep ... 
Is it time that Klipsch Heritage marketing a subwoofer?
A Heritage sub in the true sense of the word would have to be horn loaded. And for it to add anything substantial to the upper end Heritage speakers it would have to be very large. I think aesthetics and practicality prevent Chief Bonehead from pu... 
Speaker Recommendations: Corner Placement
Klipschorns or LaScalas.  
Stupid Asking Prices- Why Don't Sellers Read Audiogon The Blue Book First?
I was recently chided in an email for asking 2000.00 for a Music Reference RM-10. I was happy to let the individual know that I received full asking price + shipping.   
Decware and “The List”
  riaa_award_collectors_on_facebook 956 posts 04-07-2023 at 05:30pm  #ozzy62  Not concerned about what you think is cool. I offered up a brand new amp to anybody that might want one and not have to wait 2 years and he pissed all over it. ...