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AI-Written Stereophile Articles
@bojack, they sure run a lot of press releases.   
Recommend me a tube integrated amplifier
erikt, unless 60s gear is off the list, have a look at the best eico, the fisher & h h scott integrateds. the dynaco st-35 is especially appreciated by folks offering similar descriptions and musical preferences.  
Experience purchasing a used high-end cartridge
ive done it. person-to-person sale. i vetted the guy beforehand, and it was a low-risk situation.seller gave me return policy. didnt have to use it.  
Heavy difficult to move speakers- how do you deal?
furniture sliders, 2-wheel dolly  
Used tube preamp $2-3K
rmdmoore, don sachs builds VTA ph-16 and SP-14 kits from tubeseforhifi. the tube type is already picked out for him.   
Used tube preamp $2-3K
van alstine fet valve CFR  
Recommend an MC cartridge
 the hana umami m ay be just the thing  
Enjoying "Affordable" Equipment
the Technics SL-1200GR2 is not considered budget or affordable.   
PSVANE Discussion & Impressions Thread
to be clear, @alightronics  you do or do not have KT66?  if not, will u manufacture a kt66 or do you plan to?  
PSVANE Discussion & Impressions Thread
1-YES,was independently found by ex-peraonel. 2-YES, and the EL34UK is a great match for the Marshall JCM800.   thank you, @alightronics.   
PSVANE Discussion & Impressions Thread
i understand clearly.  please avoid answering basic customer question no longer, @alightronics. please answer. 1. YES or NO, psvane was founded or co-founded by ex-Shuguang personnel? 2. YES or NO, is el34-UK durable enough to use in marshall ... 
PSVANE Discussion & Impressions Thread
@alightronics  is el34-UK durable enough to use in marshall JCM800 amplifier?    
PSVANE Discussion & Impressions Thread
"no relationship with Shuguang at all?, @alightronics? doesnt your own press state psvane was founded by ex-Shuguang  personnel?   
PSVANE Discussion & Impressions Thread
I" have used PSVane tubes for two amplifiers, both in preamp and power sections. They are very good quality. It is a big advantage to be able to get matched sets easily rather than relying on NOS suppliers where matching and even availability are ... 
PSVANE Discussion & Impressions Thread
"In my opinion, I believe the EL34-UK has a full and natural sound with powerful bass, so your initial choice was excellent!" @alightronics  this tube does have an excellent reputation. is it durable enough to use in marshall JCM800 amplifier? i...