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Half-Speed Masters - are they worth double dipping?
Ditto @ghdprentice. Mostly Japanese from the 70s. Pressing was good and they still sound wow to me on the rare occasions when played.   
Tube amps under $7500
@decooney As should be obvious, your secondary system would be my primary. Just one question: what is the O/I impedance ratio of your 6SN7 tube preamp to Pass Forté (as upgraded)? Depending on preamp, with amp change I would be moving from 1:110 d... 
Tube amps under $7500
@paulcreed You are right in my wheelhouse. Appreciate the reassurance.  
Tube amps under $7500
@decooney Much appreciate your thorough review of the entire course of discussion. I will try to clarify my position on each issue. 1) Why focus solely on the amp? Because mine is beyond its ten-year warranty period, long out of production, and f... 
Tube amps under $7500
So many more fine tube amps out there than I ever dreamed existed. But in order to get their benefit, I would need to change speakers and add subwoofers (which don't augment, but actually constrain, the performance of Legacys in any configuration ... 
Is the idea of audiophile listening a dying concept as boomers die off?
I have a younger friend, around 45, prosperous and with refined musical tastes, whose children are now nearing independence and wants to spend an evening hearing his favorite recordings via a serious playback system. All signs suggest he grasps th... 
Tidal removing all MQA
Switched from Tidal to Qobuz long ago because I hated MQA so much. So: long overdue, IMO.  
Great Interview-
A question I have often asked musicians. And always the same answer: variants of "music is to audiophilia as philosophy is to memorization." To them we might as well be stuffed panda collectors.  
What, Tidal is now post-MQA? Long overdue. Not that I'm going near its originators any time soon.  
Do you belong more to souce first or to speakers first school of thought ?
It's intuitively clear that "high end" speakers can't deliver their promise with "low-fi" sources/amplification, but I have never had that personal experience. Reason: full-range floorstanders, unported yet with good bass extension, were beyond my... 
So, a reviewer just said something I need to talk about.
@hilde45  +1 @ghdprentice +! Audio reviewers aren't discussing the production of sound, they're discussing the reproduction of sound.   
Tube amps under $7500
@paulcreed the Audio Hungary does sound fascinating, but what speakers are you using with it? Mine need big wattage, big amperage, and only sound good at >80dB.  
Tube amps under $7500
@chenry Unfortunately, this unit is an integrated whose preamp section is not versatile enough for my needs. Also, its tubes won't deliver the current needed to handle the low impedances thrown up by my Legacy speakers. Seems the only tube amps li... 
Aurender Conductor V4 and Qobuz phone app don't match
@audphile1 Thanks, I will.  
Aurender Conductor V4 and Qobuz phone app don't match
Same problem here as OP. Qobuz playlists do not show up in C4, although they do/did in C3. @12many How does one delete/reinstall C4 from/in Aurender?