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Best speaker brands for transient response
Paradigms  older Signature line are FAST! KEFs older Reference line are also. Tektons are super fast but without the snap impact of those 2.    I have Paradigm Founder 120Hs now and they are close to the fastness of the Signatures and the KEFs ... 
Small Discrepancies in Speaker Placement
Uhhgggg. I read this stuff and I’m the kinda guy that measures things out to basically the triangle and more or less leaves it. I need to play some more cause I’ve considered many different scenarios but too lazy/busy to try them. I absolutely bel... 
Is it possible for a high end manufacturer to overprice their goods?
IMO yes it’s grossly overpriced. However I’m not the target buyer. If they can sell it and the market will bear it and they sell to projections I guess it’s not overpriced. I’m not sure but would venture to guess if they sold it for a third of tha... 
Would like to try a tube preamp after years of solid state and hybrid
What’s your budget? I have found that tube preamp with ss can be a very good combo. Best of both worlds kinda.  
Can we create a consensus list of the TONALITY of different amps/preamps/brands?
It’s completely speaker dependent especially if it’s tube amps.   
SOS! Suddenly have a high-end turntable, need to upgrade Amp + Speakers
Ohh and the ASR boys love to push the Topping and other Chinese amps and such. As you said real people don’t seem to have the same opinion. Plus I see they are not very reliable from the reviews. I wouldn’t fall for that s..t if I was you.   
SOS! Suddenly have a high-end turntable, need to upgrade Amp + Speakers
What type of music do you like? What kind of presentation are you looking for? 1st row, 10th row, back row?    $1500 is not a lot for integrated and speakers. I would take my time and pick smart. Used Focal monitors as said above is a good bet. Y... 
New Acquired Sopra 2
Nice speakers ! Congrats!    love me some Focals. I would look for something warmish and full for amplification. My 836w speakers paired really well with tubes. Although they sounded great with everything else as well. I haven’t heard the Sopras ... 
Gold Lion AX7 in tube preamp
Mullard for the 12A7T tubes which are also new. Since they are just driver tubes I only swapped the Tungsols back in and everything was good again. It it safe to leave a tube preamp on for days at a time? I’m leaving for 4 days over the 4th and co... 
Gold Lion AX7 in tube preamp
I have a 12ax7 Tungsol in there right now and it’s sounds really good. I just thought the Gold Lion would be an upgrade. Bought from the Tube Depot. It’s says it’s a Russian one on the tubes.   
Gold Lion AX7 in tube preamp
@yogiboy  Yes it’s the correct replacement.   
Gold Lion AX7 in tube preamp
@yogiboy  Using a Jolida Fusion preamp with some upgrades into a Benchmark AHB2.   
Why are high efficiency speakers preferred for low volume listening?
I just sold some Cornwall iv speakers. They were great just moved on. I will say that yes they were great at low volume as if you weren’t missing anything. Dynamics and punch and everything else intact. Problem is I don’t listen that way very ofte... 
Gold Lion AX7 in tube preamp
@glennewdick ,   Did they sound anything like I’m describing before full breakin? It would have to get pretty night and day better for me to be happy with them.   
If you had to choose...
Do they get better at 65 db? He listens very low.