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Would I benefit with Roon?
Roon is a game changer for me, and I use bluesound node 2i as well as multiple cheap streaming devices scattered around the house. Without it, I found using BluOS or the streaming service app (Qobuz, Tidal , Spotify) to be clutsy and confusing whe... 
Just discovering i/o.
I’m listening to it on Qobuz. Sounds great . . . Thanks for the heads up.  
Is Bill Thalman man still working on Conrad Johnson's?
Very sad to hear. Bill was a gentleman, and a great audio tech. RIP Bill.  
electronic music
Larry Fast aka “Synergy”    
1954 Meissner Amp and Tuner
I wouldn’t turn them on. List them on eBay as an auction. Use “vintage amplifiers and tube amps” category, and set the opening bid low (<$50).      
“Center” of soundstage is left of center…
I have this exact problem and tried many times to locate the source. After a few years I found out (hearing test) that I have a significant hearing loss in my right ear. It’s a fairly narrow bandwidth, but I barely hear anything in that band. It’s... 
on the cheap
WiiM mini. Does everything, $89 on Amazon.  
Class D Amplifier(s) for SWARM Subwoofer System
The crown is a pro amp, designed for driving PA systems. The XLS series is class d. They will drive 2 ohms no problem. I’d still run the subs in parallel. The power at 2 ohms is 775 watts/channel. The likely reason they’re popular for subs is the ... 
Class D Amplifier(s) for SWARM Subwoofer System
The xls 1502 is 300 watts/channel at 8ohms, 525 watts /channel at 4 ohms. Likely more than enough power, but if you want more you can go to the xls 2002, or 2502 (375 watts and 440 watts @ 8 ohms) for a little more money. You’ll want to drive the ... 
Class D Amplifier(s) for SWARM Subwoofer System
Crown XLS 1502. You can drive 2 subs in parallel off of each channel for ~$300 used.  
Ken Fritz article
He is no different than many, many people who have a strong work ethic and are workaholics. He just happens to be obsessed with audio, rather than another vocation as others may be. It’s as @ p05129 said.  
Lowest priced MC thats better than a Premium MM?
I really like the Benz Micro Glider. Detailed, delicate, musical.  
Your Not-So-Obvious Best Fidelity LPs
Jennifer Warnes - “Famous Blue Raincoat” America - “America” Wynton Marsalis. All of his stuff   . . . for starters  
Tips on identifying manufacturers of old tube amps and receivers
Check into Audio Asylum - the vintage gear forum. There are guys there that are likely to know if you have a chassis #. It’s possible some of the guys hear would know too.  
Please recommend King Crimson albums…
Larks Tongues in Aspic.  Red.