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Are You a Swifty?
Are You a Swifty?
What is Truth Social investment? Am I the only one who doesn't know?  
blast from the past
I used to have a Dual 1229Q. It was a good turntable.  
Are You a Swifty?
@arizonabob So anyone that you don’t like must support Donald Trump, is that the idea? (you should have resisted)  
ribbons vs domes and sibilance
@stuartk  Yes, there is disagreement. I heard a speaker a few years ago with a beryllium tweeter, and even though the treble was very clean and dynamic, it was a bit to prominent for my taste. Then last summer I bought a used set of speakers with... 
Am I right for this forum?
@grislybutter  He knows a lot more about music than I do as well. I was not criticizing him. I don't consider the label "audiophile" to be a badge of honor. Anyway, it seems to mean something different to everyone.  
Am I right for this forum?
@snilf  By the loose definition that most of us have in our heads, I'd say that you are not what we would consider an audiophile, but I think that is refreshing, and the very reason why you do belong on this forum. You are a music lover, not one ... 
ribbons vs domes and sibilance
Interesting subject. I have had aluminum domes that were good (Elac and Celestion) and great fabric domes by Scanspeak in several speakers, and I have to agree with a previous poster that sometimes the sibilance that is blamed on the tweeter is ac... 
How Is This Possible? Must be Counterfeits
@curiousjim  Have you ever considered that it might be true?  
How Is This Possible? Must be Counterfeits
+1 @bbarten   
Should Speaker Manufactures provide a Frequency Response Graph?
I agree with @bdp24 . After looking at waterfall plots for years, I feel like I can get a good idea of a speaker's amplitude response even though of course in the end, you have to listen to it.  
Audible illusions to solid state pre
What's wrong with the Audible Illusions?  
Parasound Gmas sub
A real gentleman...  
I can't hear a difference on my desktop computer.  
RIP Paul Messenger
Sorry about that @garebear .  I guess I should have resisted. He was a good guy and I always read his columns in Hi Fi News and Record Review.