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Preamp suggestions for Atma-Sphere Class D Monoblocks
#1 for sure an Atma-Sphere MP-3!  
PSVANE Discussion & Impressions Thread
To clarify, Pavane as is “Pavane for a dead princess”.  
PSVANE Discussion & Impressions Thread
Just wanted to add that I am a wee bit peaved that most of us continue to refer to Psvane as “P” “s” vane. I did check with them. The s is silent. The correct pronunciation is “Pvane”!  
Which has a greater influence on sound quality, the amp or the preamp?
Yes, the preamp is the heart of the system. But I have always felt that the “2 hands clapping” are the speakers and the amp. The contribution of the preamp is more subtitle and surely subtitles are central. But, IMO, the “broad strokes” belong ... 
Repeater/extenders are evil!
Today, my Aurender W20SE arrives! Looking forward to a major improvement in SQ. But just using the built in streamer in my dCS Lina DAC it sounds really good after hard wiring. So much so that now for two days I have listened only to digital. A... 
David Chesky is a cleaver fellow. If the new streaming service will give one the choice between hi res and MQA it will be innovative and fun. To have the chance to compare will be different and fun.  
Integrated Amplifiers - Esoteric F-01, Esoteric F-02 or Dan D'Agostino Progression
It is far more money but the Dartzeel CTH 8550 MK 2 could be the best integrated currently made. Also great for phono. $42K 8550=85% of his separates at 50% the price. It has “changed my life”.  
Your Ultimate Phono Preamp: Which One Would You Choose?
I am a fan of Michael Fremmer. Believe his current phono stage is the CH Precision P10. Think it is about $80K  
The Horror
Seems you are a planar guy? If so, Quad has done something I have never seen in Audio: they greatly improved their newest 2 models and cut the price by 50%! I am an almost lifetime Quad 57 guy. Never thought I would change. But my new Quad 2812X ... 
What is your front end ?
Currently 100% TT. Artisan Fidelity Lenco, TriPlanar arm and Grado Epoch 3 cart. Going into the phono stage of a Dartzeel CTH 8550 integrated. Just bought an Aurender W20SE to feed my dCS Lina DAC with Lina Clock. I only use the Lina now only for... 
Need recommendations on 15ft speaker cables
IME in over 50 years at this, the best speaker cable and best deal, by far, are Silversmith Fideliums. 15’ is long but 2 meters of Fideliums are $1200. They replaced $6K in my system that are now relatively junk. They have some amazing reviews i... 
When Was The Audio Golden Age?
“Golden Age” certainly refers to a time in the past. I would agree that the time pre SS and pre digital would fit. However, if it refers to the High End’s achievements in absolute SQ, Now is pretty “Golden”. For decades, I was a die hard tube gu... 
Can you tell the difference between a $200 and a $200,000 guitar?
A  Stratavarius violin can sell for millions. A ‘50s Fender Strat in pristine condition can sell for half a million. Surely, these both are priced for their rarity. But also surely both produce amazingly, uniquely wonderful tone. I have been a pr... 
Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing
IME, the Atma Ds are far superior to the AGD Audions (MK II). And a bargain. What is also super impressive and one of a kind is that Ralph actually recommends his Ds over his much more expensive and highly thought of tube amps. And tubes are a ha... 
Sadly, the London Decca Reference cartridge is no longer available. It seemed that the next best thing was the Grado Epoch 3 MI. That is what I bought for $12K and have been enjoying for quite some time. Grado has been manufacturing cartridges ...