What was your first record?

The first record I ever owned: ‘At the Hop’ by Danny and the Juniors ( just listened to it, and it made me get up and dance!)

The first record I ever bought myself: ‘Meet the Beatles’



"Rock The Boat" Hues Corporation. Earned my $1 by washing my grandfather's dark green Plymouth Duster then off to S. S. Kresege. 49 years later my grandparents would have been arrested having a barefoot 9 year old being paid to wash a car in the street(lol).

1964 - I was 12. The Goldfinger soundtrack. Bought after I saw the movie. $3.29 at King's department store in Stamford, CT.

I had that Goldfinger soundtrack too - still brilliant music and title song. But my first rock album I bought was Rolling Stones 'Aftermath', because I liked 'Paint It Black' so much.... 

Probably something by 101 Strings on a 'portable stereo'. Now that was some really great music, my first classical music. Oh my! :-)

Kenny Rogers and the First Edition-"Something's Burning"

It was actually an 8-Track tape.

The first was a 45. It was Elvis Presley’s "Hound Dog/Don’t Be Cruel". My first LP was "Rubber Soul" (Beatles, of course). I thought every song could be #1. What a record!

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First record  a 45rpm Alvin and the Chipmunks .

Later my first albums . all bought at once ,

The Beatles  "Srg, Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ", 

Strawberry Alarm Clock " Incense Peppermint '

The Rolling Stones  " Their Satanic Majesties Request "   original cover  

The first albums I bought with my own money were The Eagles, Hotel California, & The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (reissue, obviously, lol). 1976. I was 11. 

“it’s a Small World after All” Disney Records 

just kidding Satisfaction-Rolling Stones on 45 

1st LP Beach Boys-Surfing USA (now MIA)

My mom waited tables at a local barbecue joint when I was a kid. The fellow who serviced the juke box would often give her some 45s when they were changed out to bring home to me for what passed as our record player. Lots of Merle Haggard, George Jones, etc., but for some reason, I remember getting Brook Benton, rainy night in Georgia in the deal, and I still love that song

first LP I remember buying myself was the eponymous John Prine in 1971

was Paradise then and remains so today'

The Troggs, "Wild Thing" from the Base Exchange at the (then) Lowry Air Force Base in Denver during the annual school clothes buying trip. My mother was aghast. I still have it, but not the clothes

1967, I was 12 years old.  I saw the Beatles play Hello Goodbye on the Ed Sullivan Show.  I went the next day and purchased the 45.  When I got home, I played it and then flipped it over.  I Am The Walrus was on the B side.  That is exactly when I decided to save my money and buy a guitar.  From that point on, listening to music and playing guitar has and always will be a passion of mine.

Boston- self titled. I was 8 yrs old. Blew my mind. 
never heard a guitar sound like that. 

Probabably Chicago’s Greatest Hits (paint).  Unless you count Jungle Book and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang soundtracks. 

Yellow 78 speed Superman ,Faster than an arrow.....Leaps tall buildings in a single bound. Cannot remember the flip side.

The first?  Davey Crocket theme song from the Disney series with Fess Parker.  Then Mad Magazine’s Twist Rock and Roll LP.  But my first real album was “Having a Rave Up with the Yardbirds”, which introduced me to both Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. Heart Full of Soul was why I bought it at Model’s in Rochelle Park, NJ., but it also had The Train Kept A-Rollin’, I’m A Man, Evil Hearted You, and Smokestack Lightning. 

The Ventures "Surfing" played on my Knight Kit stereo that I built. It was 1963...!

My Dad had a TV business and sold Hi-Fi systems in the 1950s.  I bought--at cost--a "portable" Zenith stereo record player, compact unit with two 5.25" speakers facing forward.  My first record, although I do not remember the name of the album, was a Tommy Dorsey/Fank Sinatra album, and my second was a recording by the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, with George Szell conducting Beethoven's Fifth Symphony in C Minor.  I was hooked!

I bought two when I got my first turntable:

Styx - Paradise Theater

Alan Parsons - I Robot

sometime in the mid 60’s, I traded some baseball cards for a Herman’s Hermits & Monkees albums & played them on my National brand record player, radio, amp, speaker all in one combo. Panasonic was called National in Japan where it was made & my Dad bought it during a business trip w/ the Matsushita Company procuring parts for his telephone interconnect system he designed & built to compete w/ Ma Bell. 

I remember the first album I purchased to play on my first "real" stereo in the early 1970s

- Rod Stewart - Every Picture Tells a Story

The first record I owned was Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night 45 that I played on my new stereo back in the 70s. 

At the Hop - a Great song having all that made late 50's rock so much fun

Had lots of 45s  The first one I obsessed voer (and drove my parents crazy) was Pearl Baily It Takes Two to Tango, at 5 years old  Fave 45 - Maybe Runaway Del Shannon or Runaround Sue by Dion

First couple of LP's

Harry Belafonte at around 12 years old, Van Cliburn's Performance of the Tchaikovsky 1st Piano Concerto that won him International fame and the Moscow based Tchaikovsky Competition

Beatles 65

Mary Robbins Gunfighter Ballads 

Still have and listen to the Marty Robbins and the Van Cliburn