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What was the most expensive record that you ever bought ?
Thorens 125th Anniversary LP. I paid $350 for a mint copy. However, I sold an LP for $2k once.   
So, a reviewer just said something I need to talk about.
I go for the “connection “. Are the musicians speaking (not just playing) with their instruments? With their voice and words?  It’s great to have a high end system, but, for me, it’s all about the MUSIC, not just the sound.   For example, Julie L... 
The Horror
Hey! I didn’t read all the posts, but, I don’t need to! Don’t worry about components and ultimate sound.  You got Thelonious in your soul- he will take you to the cosmos and beyond.   
What is your front end ?
Transrotor Fat Bob.  Benz, Koetsu, Dynavector, Etsuro, Mastodon…  
Would you move to a bigger house if you could just to have a better listening room ?
my own experience with Tekton Design
Thanks for a good, positive post.  Credit goes to excellent customer support.   
My new Borresen X3's
Congrats! Great speakers. I love their monitors.  Enjoy the music.   
Are You A Disciplined Audiophile?
Component contributions to “sound stage”
Very good question... I would say speaker placement (back wall, rear wall, toe in/out) seating position are probably the most important. Of course, recordings and components all contribute to soundstage.  
Wool Blankets as Room treatment
Pendleton, Mexico. Pendejo.   
Covers for racks to keep dust off?
I bought a large sheet of black fabric at a local fabric store and cut to fit over each component. Easy to remove and replace. Cheap and keeps the dust off.  
Dog pissed on speaker
Get, and, only play, A Salty Dog, by Procul Harum. My best advice. Your speakers will by a whiter shade of pale... No need to tell you, he ain't nuttin but a hhoownd dog!  
Stolen property
A.I. music
I hope AI doesn’t find a way into the grooves of my vinyl.   
Dog pissed on speaker
And I thought I had bad taste in music…