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Wilson Sabrina X ... oh my God! and Jadis... or?
Don't sell the Goldmund amp until you use it for awhile with the Sabrina's. You might find it perfectly satisfying!  
wandering azimuth on Well Tempered Table
Another bad arm design. Free to move in all planes. Sell the turntable because you can't change the arm. Get a turntable with a proper four-point gimbel arm.   
Half-Speed Masters - are they worth double dipping?
Are those made from digital files? If so, you might just as well buy the CD's.  
Dual 505-4 or Thorens TD280 Mk IV?
Right now on eBay there is a Dual 505 - 3 with an Ortofon Super OM 20 cartridge for $200 and free shipping from a seller in Philadelphia. I'd buy that one instead of the two you list above.  
Solid State Power Amps
NYAL (New York Audio Labs) Moscode 600 uses a tube input/driver stage connected to a Mosfet output stage. 300wpc. I have the Moscode 150 - 75wpc. Designed by George Kaye. Go to the Stereophile archives to read the review of the Moscode 300.  
Digital vs Analog experiment
Did you match levels with a volt meter? "By the ear" is not good enough! The louder sample will always sound better.  
KLH model nine full range speakers
The last amp I used with my Nines was the Carver Receiver - 135wpc. Bass impact was enough to shake the floor!  
KLH model nine full range speakers
I have a pair of KLH Nines. You don't need much power. The difference between 40 watts and 60 watts is miniscule. You say the original owner was using a Marantz tube amp? The 8B? That amp is 35wpc. Doubling the power in watts to 70 will only give ... 
Do I Need A SUT
You only need an SUT when your phono stage lacks enough gain for a LOMC cartridge.  
What was the most expensive record that you ever bought ?
The Velvet Underground Banana original pressing with an unpeeled sticker. Mint condition too! These are listed on Discogs for around $1200. I found mine in a bunch of LP's I paid $10 for!  
Yamamoto HSA-01 headshell/head amp
A + plus for battery power! I have a Marcof PPA-1 head amp with battery power for use with LOMC cartridges. One advantage a SS gain stage has over a transformer is extended bandwidth.   
Tube preamp topologies and music
There's a Jadis Defy 7 for sale now on eBay for $2636 + $105 shipping from The Music Room in Colorado. Six EL34:s per channel for 100 watts. It looks real nice with black transformer covers and gold chassis!  
Magnepan 3.7i amp pairing
BTW, I also have an older Ed Sanders amp - the TNT 250 from the days when Ed ran Acoustat. I bought it and the Perreaux to drive tough speaker loads.  
Magnepan 3.7i amp pairing
My Perreaux 2150B can easily drive any Maggie to very loud levels - 340/680/920wpc@8/4/2 ohms! There is one now available on eBay for $590 + shipping.   
Tube preamp topologies and music
A push-pull 211 can have double the power in watts of a PP KT88/6550 amp. With correspondingly more expensive parts/output transformer. Doubling the watts only gives a 3db increase in volume level. Not much!