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Issue with Audio Research 5SE Preamp
I owned this pre-amp a few years ago, and one thing that is not mentioned in the owners manual is that the 6550 tube must be changed at 2500 hours, not 4000 hours indicated for the 6H30 tubes. I would suggest checking the hours and removing the co... 
Where can I get a set of Harmonic Technology pro 11 speaker cables re terminated?
Try WBT, the offer spades or banana that don’t require soldering.they have little Hex Head screws that are tighter to a sleeve that secures the connection. They also offer tool kits for making these connections.  
Stupid question about hooking up a streamer
Does your Eero Mesh module have an Ethernet RJ45 output? If so just plug into that, if it only has one then get a splitter. Does your Eero Mesh module have an RJ45 input (as you can tell, I’m not familiar with the product), if it does but a small,... 
My Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable died...what to do?
If the platter isn’t rotating, it’s probably either the motor or the power supply. Since re-booting it worked last time, I’d say power supply. Check all connections and see if it has a fuse. It may not be that expensive to get a replacement power ... 
Preamplifier sound Quality impact in home theatre bypass
I have been doing it for years, and haven’t had anything call attention to it. I watch a few concert videos in 5.1 and find the music to sound just as good as when I played the same discs on my old Ayer C5xe that played DVD.   
Record player sounds out of tune and "wavy"
Sounds like a speed control issue. As mentioned above, any investment in repair would be better spent toward a new table. Look for a used Rega RP3  
Audio Research Pre-Amp advice
Add one more for the LS28SE, I have had mine about 2 years and am very pleased with the performance. I did have a REF5SE and it was a great piece, long story short, I tried solid state and bought the LS28SE and really think it is so close to the p... 
Sonus Faber Nove II or III
Primetime74, I guess that’s your call on the 2 or 3 but I think the old “better to have it and not need, than need it and not have it” but it usually comes down to the budget which why I don’t have the 5s although I haven’t missed them.  
Andrew Singer Of "Sound by Singer" passed away yesterday
Never met him or went to his store, but the man was an institution in audio equipment retailing. May he rest in peace.  
Sonus Faber Nove II or III
Primetime74, I had a very similar situation when I bought my Nova III’s. The dealer only had the V’s on display and to be honest, I was already reaching beyond what I had budgeted. I was pretty certain that the II’s would probably leave me wonderi... 
Dickie Betts died earlier today at 80 years of age
I think I wore out my Eat A Peach cassette and replaced it with a half speed master.  Funny how we look back at our youth and realize what a great soundtrack we have to accompany it. Jbuhl, that line always stuck in my head as well, so even though... 
how to fix a CD player
I would try a can of compressed air, available at most Office Depot stores. Open the case and blow out the transport mechanism and try to clean the lens by blowing across not directly at as that can sometimes distort the lens cover. If that doesn’... 
Cardas Customer Service is Amazing!
I have always had great experiences with Cardas as well. Great people Great Cables.   
Solar Eclipse Music
Darkness on the edge of town-Springsteen    
Dog pissed on speaker
I would be careful about trying too many liquid solutions as that will probably start to delaminate the cone. But in limited quantity the Ozium and Pooph would be a good place to start. Or possibly alcohol since it will dry and evaporate quickest....