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Testing Ethernet switch
True colors. Batman and Robin.   
Why the fascination with subwoofers?
What’s interesting is the OP has or had 2 in his system.   
USB Cable
So what is a quality system (very subjective)  I have the DH Labs Mirage and they replace Supra Excaliber USB  but I could hear zero diffence. I have an Innuos Zenith and Less Loss DAC with a Wyrded 4 Sound ISO USB Recovery in line to my DAC.  No... 
Testing Ethernet switch
All good @fredrik222 think what you like. We love the Sonners and we are happy they sound perfect in our room. Synergy is the key and you will never find that in the specsheets. Bye bye boy wonder.  
Testing Ethernet switch
Totaly Clueless @fredrik222 Yep owned again and agin fly away Robin. Lot's of stuff you have never heard including a good DAC. Such a maroon.  Enjoy Boy Wonder. Have music to listen to.   
Testing Ethernet switch
@fredrik222 no they just tire of your one dimensionality and obsession with this subject. I personally could care less and just enjoy razzing you two monkeys.  You two are a broken record. Yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. Betting niether of you tow have a ... 
Testing Ethernet switch
As Hans has pointed out and many others with ehternet it boils down to Filters. Also is is not just 1's, and 0's  with audio. If people want to spend their money on cables, switches and the like, let them, who are you to tell them otherwise.  Cap... 
Sugden Amps
Lots of hybrids in the market these days. McIntosh Cannor Circle Labs Unison Pathos Rogue Mod Wright    
Testing Ethernet switch
Yawn, freddy, yawn.   
Testing Ethernet switch
Match made at ASR Freddy and the Geek.   
Fraudulent sale on eBay
Of course there are counterfeiters in the USA and in Canada too. However our governments do try to stem the flow of counterfeit goods, unlike the PRC and other countries. There are outstanding products made in the PRC and some great brands too.  
Class D amplifiers. What's the future look like?
Ummm a lot  
Whats playing on your system today?
Hooker and Heat:  
Review of the Raven Audio Osprey Integrated Tube Amp and Corvus Reference Monitors
Raven Audio makes some very wonderful speakers. Their cables are quite nice also. Matter of fact I am going to place my Raves CeLest's back in my system today. Thank you for the wonderful review.   
Testing Ethernet switch
@mgrif104 +1  You also have a lovely system.