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Newer Blues Artists or Recordings
+ whiteknee Hot Tuna never fails.  Jorma has some new music out (The River Flows) with John Hurlbut that showcase some amazing playing !    
Best Options For A Tubed Preamp - $2500 Or Less, Preferably Used To Maximize Value
Audible Illusions Modulus 3A/B   
What was your first record?
First LP - The Byrds Mr Tambourine Man First LP Bought - The Beatles 65  
Building a 100 album vinyl collection 3 must have albums are?
Double Record's, for the extra Vinyl... White Album Waiting for Columbus Babylon by Bus    
David Crosby R.I.P.
a little remembrance from Jorma Kaukonen's blog...   Indeed, it is that time of life when I find my contemporaries shuffling off the mortal coil at an alarming rate. I don’t like it a bit, but to be completely selfish, it beats the alternatives.... 
Is there anything better than live recordings?
Some mighty fine "Live Recordings" from outside the studio........... Allman Brothers - Fillmore East Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus Grateful Dead - Europe 72 Santana - Lotus Right Band, Right Time, Right Venue, Right Mix = Pleasing Liste... 
Favourite Guitarists
++ Jorma Kaukonen - 82 yrs old and still going strong !