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Where Do I Go from Here?
Plesse don’t forget horns. A vast generalisation would be Tannoys/Khorns are slower and Focal/Magicos are faster. Better put it’s a different sound. Vandersteens leave a lot of sox on the floor   Sonus Faber keeps coming up. Hymn.      
Where Do I Go from Here?
+1@maxwaive Room treatment may yield a far better outcome.   
Is There Some Problem With Shunyata's Everest Power Conditioner
The Everest looks cool, like a big metronome.  I have a AudioQuest Niagara 7000 (the price has gone way up and  it's in the class same as the Everest ) and Puritan Audio Labs PSM 156 The Puritan Audio Labs PSM 156 is as good as the Niagara 7000 ... 
If A.I. took the place of musicians, would you listen to it?
@ossicle2brain Yes AI will do great things but it’s the flip side when applied is worrying. Newton's Third Law Is in the house.    As you have the Tour up on your system photo obviously you are Aok. What a tour it was this year! Bet teams make use... 
If A.I. took the place of musicians, would you listen to it?
@snilf That was a doozie of a paper professor.  Thanks for the Nabokov scholarly refference too. ("Pale Fire" one of my all time beloved books). AI in the hands of evil doers is/will be calamitous. Hard music to face. But who listens?  
Recommend me a tube integrated amplifier
For the money new or used (more powerful one) of the PrimaLuna's. This will knock your soxs off Pathos Classic One MKIII Hybrid Integrated Amplifier is too cool for school     
Spatial Audio Raven Preamp
@lynn_olson Bam! Thank you! One sub added. (Old one kept just in case) and will get another. Much better sound experience right away. The pre/system sounded aok with no discernible difference after putting cable into Pre’ Amp’s RCA output. Thoug... 
Spatial Audio Raven Preamp
@donsachs Yahsureyoubetcha I'm using Hijiri XLR's from a LuminX1 streamer into the Raven PRE and Cardas Clear Beyond XLR's from the pre into the Blackbird Monoblocks.  I boosted the base a bit more w/ the roon parametric equalizer at 20 and 40 he... 
Spatial Audio Raven Preamp
@donsachs @lynn_olson The Blackbird Monoblocks and Raven Pre have over thirty hours on them and how sweet they are. Great job gents. But darn it Don right you are about the Khorns and lower base. Running Roon I have even gone into the paramedic e... 
Long time lurker looking for HT opinions
Focal's are fast too.  
A Sanely Priced Power Conditioner That Actually Works - OnFilter PDU
Puritan Audio Labs PSM 156 is sanely priced and wotks well.   
Do You Have to Play a Component to Warm it Up?
Tubes off (1/2-40 warm up). Rest on.   
Digital vs Analog experiment
mikhailark Was your test “blind”? How many sets of ears participated? Just you? With a digital source naturally more depth should sound better. But compaing a record to a Cd to s file would require a set up and benchmarks that are difficult to... 
Is the idea of audiophile listening a dying concept as boomers die off?
Also often, like it or not, many of us tend to be like our parents. My Dad was an audiophile. One of my sons is.  Is this proof of anything given my admonition of close orbits when collecting data, Nah? Yah?  
Is the idea of audiophile listening a dying concept as boomers die off?
Fascinating excellent comments. Might I add that if you want to know what other people are thinking, then don’t use yourself or your friends as core samples. If those who participate here are largely older males helping one another out basically ...