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Ripping CDs
Tascam cd-RW900MKII LOW $200.00 TEAC CD-RW 890 PRICE ??????????? TWO RCA CONECTORS  
🤬Overly sensitive! Who said I was overly sensitive? I’m not overly sensitive! So there! Sometimes these threads make me soo mad! AARRGGHHHH!!!!!!!!! IF i COULD i WOULD INSERT AN IMAGE OF THE TASMANI  DEVIL  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Jean luc Ponty  
What’s the most underrated used Audio Research gear?
The SP9 II & III ARE very good preamps. I never understood the the criticism that they were or are lean. If they are then a warmer tube and or warmer cables will help if not cure. I have no problem the lowest of lows to come out of it let alo... 
Happy Audiophile Day!
Can I take this day off from work and will I get paid as well?  
what kind of grease do I use for my SOTA Sapphire bearing?
I thought the bearing is sealed? In any case if you're DIY then I'd be interested in the results.  
What was your first record?
Moving Soon - Should I Pack Up Everything Now??
I would say NOW! I moved from USA to UK had everything set for the move. Shipping company, Airline tickets and all that. But I kept putting off actually packing everything in boxes. Boy was that a mistake. Came the day and in the end I had to lea... 
Ethernet connection for best sound quality
Concerning the ifi LAN silencer. The Chain; DSL- to modem- to router- to streamer- to DAC. In the chain it should be placed? I figure befroe the streamer, I cannot see any sense in cleaning the bits that arrive to my computer. Working backwards... 
Ethernet connection for best sound quality
Thanx for the info. If USB has a better SQ then I will.    
Ethernet connection for best sound quality
Thanx for ALL the input. Since the last time I used Tidal it was 2018. I’ve since moved. The only DSL line is in the living room so I’ll have to connect a 25ft. cat 6 ethernet cable from the tv router to a second router Asus RT-AC3100 in my liste... 
Ethernet connection for best sound quality
toro3    I  have an OPPO UDP-205. Let me start from the beginning,,,, 2018 bought the 205 streamed through desktop (fans and all.)  Tidal I believe it was called premium at that time Via Cardas clear network cat 7 cable. from wall to computer the... 
Best 845 tubes on market as of August 2023
I used to think pricey interconnects were snake oil...
My 2 cents worth. 1980's I read brochures from what I could get at stereo stores. Monster cable, interlink 250 $50.00 Straight wire. I settled on these 2 because of cost. Then circa 2018. I moved to Kimber Kable heroes and Cardas cables Iridium a... 
What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
Isn't that sort of like ordering shoes over the internet? Only much more expensive. At least if you are able to, get your favorite albums / cd's and audition them in a brick and mortar retail store. I myself would have the attitude and intention...