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Relaxed/Analog sounding DAC for under $10k (used or new)
My Schiit Bifrost 2/64 has great tone and you can defeat the oversampling with a button, and their proprietary USB input (I bought a Schiit URD transport to check this out) works perfectly. A smooth sounding great DAC possibly not expensive enough... 
You're not a true audiophile unless...
You enjoy recorded music enough to also enjoy accumulating the tools needed to make listening to it a more refined experience. You may actually be having fun doing that.  
Preamp for Parasound A21+ with Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 speakers
Get a Schiit Freya +...a superb preamp that's more fun than most anything else out there...defeatable tubes, inputs and outputs galore. I use mine (older version) with NOS GE 6SN7GTB tubes. Class A...you won't regret it.  
Recommend me a tube integrated amplifier
Black Ice (formerly Jolida) makes GREAT amps...I used one for years. One of the best tube amp deals out there.  
Heretic Loudspeakers out of Canada
I think they look very cool and reviews seem to like 'em (Herb Reichert reviewed them). I'd like to try a pair of the smaller ones sometime...7 grand or so is a little pricey but they seem well built...  
Graphene Sluggo - Unlocking Sonic Scenery
The point of my comment isn’t simply that I don’t care enough about that which seems to be nonsense (I tested a pile of SR fuses years ago and reported my findings...they’re dangerous and useless (the fuses, not my hallowed comments), it’s that fe... 
Graphene Sluggo - Unlocking Sonic Scenery
Since I’m clearly too lazy to follow what seems like more florid hyperbole and pseudo science regarding fuses, I’ll simply state again that when people I respect in the high end audio business (Nelson Pass, Stoddard and Moffat, Bill Low...etc.) st... 
Sviatoslav Richter. Greatest pianist of the last century?
As Frank Zappa once said...sort of..."It's not a pushup contest."  
ReL Subs: High Level or Low Level connection
I attach 2 RELs together with AQ screw-on spades to attach to the amp, currently a Pass XA-25. Low level inputs on the RELs have never interested me as you need long RCAs which are generally a bad idea, and the high level makes more sense.  
Plugging rear ports of "bookshelf" speakers?
I think taping a kazoo in each port is the way to go.  
Why I don't hear bass drums on Jazz LPs?
Baloney. Well recorded acoustic drums sound like drums. Period. I've spent decades as a pro musician recording, live concert mixing, and putting great microphones here and there and sometimes not putting them anywhere at all (Kenny Wolleson asked ... 
Vibration Control
In home audio you are beset with so many vibration issues created by playing music it's really best not to listen to anything. It's simply not worth the risk.   
Why I don't hear bass drums on Jazz LPs?
I’m a jazz fan and especially a jazz drummer fan...current drummers like Tyshawn Sorey, Bill Stewart, Bryan Blade, Dave King, etc...not yer grandaddy’s drummers, and you can easily hear the kick in balance with everything else. Also note that not ... 
Thumper’s Mother
So now we have courtesy monitors? That's something I automatically rebel against and hopefully so do some of you.  
If my system gets any better my head will explode from the extreme wonderfulness of it. Nobody needs that.