The receiver was my intro to HiFi! What say you?


When I got out of college and bought my first "nice" stereo, all I could afford was a pioneer SX780 and some junky speakers.  Eventually I bought a pair of Mirage M3si but my budget started to be stretched for other things, rock climbing gear, triathlon, travel, etc and the stereo was very mid-fi until a few years ago.


great memories yogiboy

this photo from the article shows the summation of the wars, look at the size of these beasts

My 1st ’real’ audio system included Fisher’s 220T Receiver, got it in 1967

We had $500. wedding money, went to Sam Goody’s, got this Receiver and Audio Research AR-2ax speakers and a TT of some sort.

Ransacked, Speakers Stolen, ’missed most’ discussion here, I restored 2 pairs, one in my office. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting a true bookshelf speaker



My 1st component system consisted of a Sansui AU-555. Added the matching Tuner a couple months later.

as  a preteen i had a hand me town hh scott tube receiver, then the first one i bought on my own in college was a harman kardon 330b

My first stereo included a used Technics SA-500 bought in 1982, and mated to a fairly respectable used pair of Mariah LS-2 speakers.  That receiver looked cool, but I never thought it sounded like anything special....not a bad start though.

Marantz 2252B. Loved it but sold it, couldn't find a shop locally to service it 

Yamaha receiver, Connoisseur/Dynavector table, Advent speakers, early 80’s durning college.

Soon as I graduated I bought a pair of Accoustat Model X and the games been on ever since…


 Sansui G-4700, purchased in 1980 with money saved from a Summer job while in college. 



Onkyo TX-220 purchased at age 18 and a pair of 3rd or 4th hand Fisher speakers. I don't know if I've been any happier with my gear than I was then.

Used Onkyo TX-220 Receivers for Sale |


I never understood the need for a receiver other than as a throwback to the old wireless in the livingroom.

My Garage/Shop system was driven by this wonderful Tandberg 2080. my friend Wayne at Harvey's told me when it was hitting the used shelf.



The connectors in the back pulled out, mostly my fault tugging in tight space.



My parents had a Technics receiver when I was a kid I cannot remember the model number. Part of a Technics rack system no idea if it sounded any good but I was pretty young back then.

Sansui 771 receiver

Technics manual turntable

Generic 12 inch 3-way box speakers that sat on the floor (nice real wood veneer)

Dokorder 1120 reel to reel

SuperScope cassette deck

My first big receiver was (and still is) the Kenwood KR8010 along with the Concept 2QD turntable from Pacific Stereo, I still have both of them and play them on a regular basis in a dedicated listening room, along with a 20+ years old pair of Acoustic Research 308 HO speakers.The sound is still fantastic.

My first real stereo was a fisher receiver turntable and speakers. Can’t remember the model but probably 30wpc but loved that tuner knob for the Am Fm that turned so silky smooth and lightning fast. I was 13 that was 1979. Big time !

The beginning of my audiophile journey was the Marantz 2265B Teak cassette player and Cerwin Vega speakers and a couple of cases of beer 

....any decent receiver was an entry drug to a life of audiotrama.....*snicker*

1972 fall: Sansui 2000x driving large Advents, via a Dual 1215S and Shure M91E. Satisfying for 6 months before I began to rapidly upgrade, shocking myself at each improvement. First improvement was adding a second pai of Advents to stack, sold to me by none other than the late Bill Thalmann. It was off to the races for 10 more years before post-docs, marriage, and kids ossified things for a while!

My first take notice system was a Marantz 6300 TT, run into a Marshall guitar amp and stack. That Marantz is the only TT I have ever owned. It still gets some use when I feel nostalgic. And yes, I still have a Marshall amp also. I am very loyal to my gear, and it remains loyal to me.

The journey for me began with a modest but blue is beautiful Pioneer SX-636 driving a pair of Electrovoice Interface B's.  Could have done worse as a 17 year old kid.

Onkyo Receiver and American Acoustics speakers. Techniques turntable. About 1980 ish. 

Mine was a Sansui 7 Receiver. I took a long time researching brand, pricing etc and settled on this receiver. I had it for may years until I replaced it with NAD separates.

I had a Fisher all in one setup as a teenager. TT and all, thought it was the best thing ever. When I was all growed up, my first “real” system was a Polk Audio setup with towers etc. Then Marantz/B&W (I still have as my second setup) and then the list goes ON AND ON AND ON!

I received my first audio system from my parents in 1975, as a 16th Birthday gift.

The system was comprised of a Technics SL-1500 turntable with a Marantz 2230 receiver and a pair of Infinity 1001a speakers. 

I still have the 2230 nearly 50 years later, and that system introduced me to the wonderful world of music! 👍


Went to college knowing nothing about hifi... saw other parents lugging in boxes and setting kids stereos up in their dorm rooms. Not gonna lie, was pretty jealous considering I landed at school with a hockey bag, 3 sticks a suitcase and a clock radio, lol. After hearing some of these setups and learning a bit about what the other kids had, I promised myself someday I'd have a solid rig. Fast forward 3yrs & came back from playing hoceky in Europe with a bag. Marched right in to Tech HiFi in Harvard Square, slapped $3500 cash on the counter and asked the manager Ernie B to set me up with a full system. Left Cambridge that day in my bothers Cadillac w/JBL 4312s, Crown PL-2/SL-2, Teac V-95RX, Denon DP-72 & Micro Accoustics 3002 Cart. Got $38 bucks back and went to The Tasty (Cambridge landmark) for burgers & ridicule from the owners manning the counter. What a great day!

Mine was a Sansui receiver bought in the 60's but I have no idea which model. I kept that thing for many years and used it in my office until the sometime in the 80's.

Bought a Pioneer SX-1250 back in 1979 while I was in grad school.  Still have it and listen to it every day.  Had a complete restoration done on it about 8 years ago. I also have the same Denon DP-59L turntable bought around the same time, also restored a few years ago.  Both continue to work like champs!!

Mine was a matching Advent receiver and speakers with a Technics turntable passed down to me from my step-dad, it was his college rig and became mine.  Such a wonderful sound opening up a new world to me, no idea how far it would take me, that was almost 40 years ago

1975 Kenwood, 45 wpc, wood veneer sides.  Great tuner.  Used it 20 years.  My son has it now.

Sansui 9090, Teac 550A RR , Pioneer cassette deck CTF8282 Pioneer PL530 TT 4 Sansui 7500 speakers all purchased when I graduated HS in Torrejon Spain.  Graduation present from mom and dad. Gave it all to my son a few years ago.  

Dynaco ST70 w FM5 tuner, AR2Ax speakers, and Thorens TT.

Bought from Audio by Zimet

I've had various Radio Shack all-in-one systems in my teens. Then I got a JC Penny MCS component system in the early 80s. Then once I found the local hifi shops, I started experimenting with various receivers and tape decks then CD players. I've had Kenwood, Aiwa, Yamaha, Nakamichi. For my vintage system, I still have my Denon PMA 757, B&O Beogram TT, Denon tape deck and Canton speakers from the mid-late 80s. Enjoy the journey!

@evank  haha ... similar experience.  Bought NAD 7220PE with Spectrum 208A speakers back in early 80s.  Still have them both ....

🔥【PRO SERVICED】NAD 7220PE 40W Stereo Receiver! Phono In,0.04%THD💥GUARANTY




During high school (1969-1973), I was working at an appliance store that sold a decent range of audio equipment. I purchased an inexpensive system just before starting college. It consisted of a Pioneer SX-525 receiver, some lower end KLH 2 way speakers and a Garrard turntable with a Shure cartridge. These humble beginnings led to a lifelong passion for music and audio electronics. 

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3 more receivers I had over the years.

Yamaha CR-1020, Receiver currently in Garage/Shop System


Fisher 500C Tube Receiver (ready for sale) (VAS has 2nd one to align the tuner).

I traded something for the 2nd one, can't remember what.


Fisher 800C, sometimes called the Executive (500C with AM tuner added).

I bought a whole console just to get the receiver, and some nice firewood.

With money I saved up from working in high school at the Hyatt House, I stepped up my game from a Realistic receiver, a no-name turntable and home-made speakers. I purchased a Fisher 401 receiver with Fisher XP-7S three way speakers, a Dual 604 turntable and an Optonica RT3535 cassette tape deck. Great memories from a much simpler time!

Cool thread, 76’, 18 YO-Yamaha 50 watt reciever, Phillips electronic 312 believe,  manual TT, Kilipsch Heresy. I have my older brothers 74’ Heresy, my little Bro has my original 76’s.

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I traded it to a member here for his Vertical TT Project: combine two non-working Mitsubish LT-5V to one working unit which went well, now in my office