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The receiver was my intro to HiFi! What say you?
Cool thread, 76’, 18 YO-Yamaha 50 watt reciever, Phillips electronic 312 believe,  manual TT, Kilipsch Heresy. I have my older brothers 74’ Heresy, my little Bro has my original 76’s.  
Better cd SQ
I too have a 6006 used as transport initially to my PS Audio gain cell dac. Decided to upgrade from GCD got a ARC LS 25 and Pontus and was a nice improvement. I also stream and LP wit P6.  
Help me pick a Dac
Im currently running a Node 2.1 with PSU upgrade and had the Gain Cell for quite a while before switching to an Pontus II as my DAC. This was a very nice upgrade. Also added an ARC LS25 II and have improved my sound considerably.  
Intermittent audio dropouts when streaming Qobuz Hi Res files on Lumin streamer
I’ve recently experienced similar with Hi res Qobuz. Its as if the incoming stream cant keep up and it will cut out momentarily then continue. Bluesound node 2.1 with upgrades. Very intermittent. Texas  
DACed and Confused here...
I recently purchased a used Pontus to go with my Node 2i and was a significant upgrade in sound enjoyment. Considering the LPS for the node now.  enjoy the ride and the music!  
looking for an integrated amp in the $1500 range
I have had Heresy’s since I was 18, now with my big brothers 74’s rebuilt. Love them, then added Omega crossoverless single drivers, love them more. Listen to alot of low level ambient and to 85db jazz and blues mand more. I have the Omega JR XRS ... 
ARC amp differences.
You can google Audio Research, then look for ARC data base and you can easily research all models. Helped me with my ARC purchase.  
Audio Research LS25 MKII Problem
Sorry to hear and I hope you get resolved soon, and post back the problem and fix! I added the same amp a few months back and it has been great with no issues.  
First Tube amp suggestions
I was a first tube amp hunter here about three years ago, got many fine recommendations and researched them all ending up with a Decware UFO 2.1 amp, preamp not needed. Very fine amp but wait time now is up to about 2.3 years. Can be found for sal... 
Used PS Audio Items
I started my audio journey with PS Audio and Stellar and still using the DAC. Remote failed just after warranty and Scott sent me another no charge.  
Speaker cable recommendations
Might look at Decware ZFocus and Zwire cables. Lightweight and flexible designed for SET’s and breaking in nicely with my Omegas. Half your budget  
After fifty years… amazing. What high end audio can be.
GH, always good to hear your love for your music! Thanks for the recent assist in my journey (soon to be 65). Mine is considerably more conservative than many but to mine, sounding great. Cheers, Happy New Year to all  
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
Worked offshore summer after graduation came back and my older brother and his bud, a Klipsch rep set me up with a Yamaha 50 watt SS, Philips TT 312 think, and Heresy’s. My little brother has my Hersey, I have big brothers after his passing.  
Upgrade my CD player or futile effort?
I have a Marantz 6006 that I use as transport in my system. I listen to LP, stream- Qubuz, and CD. I have an entry level system that to me sounds very satisfying. I was steared towards trying Nobsound springs and found a positive improvement as a ... 
A true legend has passed away! ' Set it and forget it '
And I thought this was about Dusty Hill, a music legend……