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Active Speakers Don't Sound Better
I understand the simplicity, and especially time savings. Passive crossovers can take a long time to evaluate, change, burn in, re-evaluate, etc. ...But...there are pro and cons with every option, and like most things, execution of a given princip... 
Auditioning Used Equipment - Am I crazy ?
The dealer may change their mind if the amp sits on his premise for months without a bite.    
Best 12AU7?
Can't tell which one is best, but can tell you that the RCA clear tops are no slouch, and are typically reasonable. How any tube sounds will vary a bit with each system and circuit.    
Which has a greater influence on sound quality, the amp or the preamp?
It really depends on how neutral and transparent each piece in question is. In a top notch system, the weakest link will stick out like a sore thumb...not so much on a system with multiple veiling and smearing issues. Plus, as mentioned, the amp/s... 
Tube preamp topologies and music
Tube amps are as subjective as anything in audio, which is extremely.  The most important opinion is yours.  IMHO it's more important to have an amp that works well with your speakers, and sounds good in your room than to try to match an amp to a ... 
Do you belong more to souce first or to speakers first school of thought ?
Speakers interact with the room, which should be a significant consideration..  
Help, my system seem to have slowly gotten " bright"
What speakers are you using, and how old are they?  
Your Ultimate Phono Preamp: Which One Would You Choose?
Convergent (CAT) SL-1 Legend Black Path Extreme. It’s never failed to sound anything less than stellar in any system I’ve heard it in.  
Selling, donating or giving away a good pair of vintage speakers
Selling them might get them into the hands of someone with an interest in audio, which is always a plus if they had meaning to you. Giving them away to someone here should also result in them going to someone with an interest in audio. Donating th... 
sibilance in system
Cables, tube rolling, and strips of 1/2" felt around the tweeter in a star pattern helped in my case. Specifically, Furutech FA-as22 between the pre and the amp, and Tung Sol 7581A outputs, but YMMV.  It's always about synergy.  
Shocked. Need Opinions. How muck power do I need?
It depends. All amps and watts are not created equal, all speakers and speaker impedances are different, and our volume preferences are different. You only need enough power to drive your speakers to the volume levels you prefer in your room. Head... 
Dirty little secret of Pedigreed, decades old Speaker line - no one will address
Someone ordered 10,000 instead of 1000. And they have been stuck ever since  It happens.  Or they got a great deal on 10,000. Or they believe it can't be improved.    ...That’s what I was thinking too...  
Very faint hiss from tweeter
All of my systems have had some sort of very faint hiss when no music is playing, and I put my ear right up to the tweeter. It’s a good way to confirm that the tweeters are working, and should pose zero issue when listening to music.  No problem i... 
Sometimes you just get lucky
Glad you had a happy ending! I fully understand financing the kids wants and the needs of a new house. We moved our 6 kids into this house 25 years ago. To say money was tight is an understatement. The livingroom/listening area was much larger, a... 
Pads or Spikes?
Years ago our living room was on a ground level concrete slab. Spiked feet on my heavy speakers worked great. My current living room is a suspended frame floor with carpeted sheathing.... the same spikes on the same speakers just exaggerated the r...