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The Psychology Of Collecting
Interesting thoughts, but how much is enough in a catastrophe. By its nature that is unknowable. On the other hand, I collect cds and have the perfect amount of them. Until tomorrow.  
Have you noticed as your system improves?
For me it's just the opposite. My system sounds so good loud and most of the music I play now is so dynamic, the extra volume is tangible. My average is 90-100db. I am 60 and work in a plywood mill and have my hearing checked every 4 months and so... 
If A.I. took the place of musicians, would you listen to it?
If I cannot go see them, him, her perform the music I will not be supporting that music. There is far too much excellent new music being made and at our fingertips to not support these artists. I have been a musician most of my 60 years and know h... 
Does it have to sound good for you to like it?
With literally millions of songs to access, I would find it mind boggling why I would listen to poorly recorded music. If your tastes are limited, I could see it. Not an issue for me.  
What is your front end ?
My new Eversolo DMP-A6 streamer for general listening and my Marantz SA-7S3 when it is time to engage. That player still gives me goosebumps.  
At the end of a long day, and the mood is subpar, a bracer of cask strength bourbon and some good Oregon herbalcine makes everything cheeky again. And lo and behold the music becomes glorious once again.  
You can't afford a Lambo Veneno, so get this..
Who better than Fender to build a good TT. Except maybe Gibson. At least the Gibson of old.  
Am I right for this forum?
@dougsatĀ Nailed it in my mind. I will add that any music played anyway makes me happier than I had been without it. Am I an audiophile? Don't care.  
first & last system
You may want to look at fitting an Eversolo DMP A6 into your system. It is a great streamer with a good dac. They can be had for less than a grand and you can upgrade to the Master Edition for around $1200. I run mine with my I-phone and it does e... 
How Is This Possible? Must be Counterfeits
There is nothing a company, individual, or fake company can do cable wise that any individual can't do themselves. I do as much of my own audio assembly, room acoustics etc. as possible because I trust me more than them. Way less headache, way mor... 
The receiver was my intro to HiFi! What say you?
My first take notice system was a Marantz 6300 TT, run into a Marshall guitar amp and stack. That Marantz is the only TT I have ever owned. It still gets some use when I feel nostalgic. And yes, I still have a Marshall amp also. I am very loyal to... 
I don't get it...Exile on main Street-Blue
I will attempt to answer the initial question. Artists, especially extremely talented writers like Maynard are listening from an advantage most of us can only dream of. He is hearing structure, timing, syncopation and other musical traits most of ... 
Are You A Disciplined Audiophile?
I built my system. I built my room to the system. Now, I will try some new cables once in a while. Mostly I listen to glorious music as often as possible. Disciplined; I guess.  
My end game speaks.
The OP stated that he cannot hear either speaker. He is asking for input from people who love to give advice and hopefully does his own research and then comes to a logical decision. And then he will wonder if he made the right choice and start dr... 
Are You a Swifty?
No, am not a fan. She is vapid and talentless; unless you include her ability to brainwash weak minded humans and fish. Which will come in handy when she runs for office.