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Should we care if a piece of equipment comes from a pet-free, kid-free, smoke-free home?
Dryer sheets and stinky laundry detergent-free home.   
Recommend me a tube integrated amplifier
As long as the sub has a high level input, almost all amps will drive them from the speaker outputs. The sub HL inputs have very high impedence and do not load the amp.  Anyone verify they can be connected speaker level to both speakers and a su... 
Subwoofers and Seating Position for Klipsch Forte iv's
You might look into Distributed Bass Array or Swarm setups. What about reconfiguring the room to have the speakers on the long wall instead?  
Modifying a Coincident Dynamo Mk1
Do not increase the capacitance of the smoothing caps immediately after the rectifier. The charging current will damage the rectifier tube. The 470ųF is the reservoir cap.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Modifying a Coincident Dynamo Mk1
Perfect. Nice work. I tried embedding the image source but there is something up with the site coding.  
Amp showing its age?
What he said. Some open circuit (parallel) output transistors could also do this.  
Decware ZTPRE
Check for value on hifishark.com Your unit's value would assume it needs repair.  
Audiomods Is A Great Company
All Jeff has to do is drill out more holes! Kidding aside, the MC2000 has a lovely sweet and delicate portrayal of music.   
Modifying a Coincident Dynamo Mk1
@neverlast Why didn't you post a photo of the current amp instead of the unmodded version? What I did do was use a pair of Mundor Supreme caps [etc.]  
Small footprint subwoofer
The REL R218 is for home theater. For your stated needs, you need 2 x REL T5x subs. Stereo pair is so much better.  
A budget turntable exploration
@simao You might also consider a SpinClean to remove those teenage fingerprints.  
Help me build out my first system
I use a single run of 8AWG on a 20amp breaker to a L15-30R. A L15-30P with 8 gauge feeds a 4 gang box of 20 amp receptacles. What I do like is derating the line, such as using 8AWG wire for a 20A circuit with a 20A breaker.  
Isolation devices- to use 3 or 4 footers?
More effective, or sounds better? I find 3 sounds better on my Garrard 401 tables.   
Modifying a Coincident Dynamo Mk1
I do not have a Coincident amp but have worked on other tube amps. I would leave the rectifier caps alone. You could double the reservoir cap by adding another in parallel. Check with Israel to make sure it won’t impact the choke rating (unlikely)...