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New KEF Reference 5 speakers
Old thread I know, I have been trying a pair and initially they sound good tight base clear highs. But after 3 weeks they are sounding thin and kind of lifeless. Added back in my modded Tyler Acoustic Halo Extreme and the 3d was back the excitemen... 
15k for streamer and much on each?
No one brought it up but I have been circling around the Aqua Audio Linq and the LA scala mkii optologic dac. I also use Roon and the Linq is supposed to have been designed to integrate with Roon. Has anyone had any experience with this combo?  
The receiver was my intro to HiFi! What say you?
Sansui 9090, Teac 550A RR , Pioneer cassette deck CTF8282 Pioneer PL530 TT 4 Sansui 7500 speakers all purchased when I graduated HS in Torrejon Spain.  Graduation present from mom and dad. Gave it all to my son a few years ago.    
The Music Room
I have worked extensively with TMR. Buying selling trading and consignment.  It really helps when they have something that you want and you get it for a bargin. It helps ease the blow of the low offer you get for selling.  Ir helps to live about 3... 
The Midnight Effect - Who-How?
Pardon me but I'm going down to my dungeon open a flagon,  and spin some magic  
Are You a Swifty?
She has great marketing skills.  I don't listen to her either.  Not my style. As for the hype, most people are like sheep.  
This is purely subjective opinion. Aqua LaScala/ Atma-Sphere Class D
@jerryg123  what is your take on the difference between the two? They are both on my short list.  I'm presently using a Cambridge Audio Cxnv2 with Modwright Truth Mod and really like the sound.  My system is primarily all tubes.   
Will China become the poor man’s dealer for high end audio?
I don't consider my Audio GD r7 he mkii a poor man's piece of equipment.  I have put it up against Wiess dac 502, dcs Bartok, Berkeley alpha dac, and a few others. None of them sounded dramatically different or better.  A perfect example of well m... 
Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Ruins the Song ‘Money’!
Most definitely love his music and contributions as a member of PF. As far as his political views and rants I will pass. Haven't heard any of his solo work that I like either.  Gave away tickets to his last shoe because I don't like his toxic atti... 
How tall do you like your images?
I have never tried planers. However I do like the stage larger and full. My speakers are a D'appolito style each containing 4 12" woofers,  2 6.5" mids and a silk dome tweeter. The stage is tall and wide. Everything in its own place. Just amazing.   
How do you change the battery in an ARC LS28 remote?
@wemfan  jee didn't I tell you that yesterday?  
How do you change the battery in an ARC LS28 remote?
It still didn't show them using the suction cup. You can see it on the bench. I'm telling you that face plate doesn't come out easy.  
Digital front end upgrade options
No switch fuse or hub. Save money. Get RME ADI2 FS DAC.   
How do you change the battery in an ARC LS28 remote?
Get a small suction cup and place on bottom of face plate on the logo. Then pull up.  
The Symphony of the Audiophile: How Do You Define Enjoyment in Sound?
@tylermunns LOL, I can totally relate.  However I wouldn't change a thing. Well,  maybe those speaker cables.