Should we care if a piece of equipment comes from a pet-free, kid-free, smoke-free home?

I agree that I do not want a preamp or speaker coated with a film of smoke, but I am confused as to what a child or pet could do that would not be otherwise visible. You would see the cat scratches on the speaker grill, the dog chew marks on the rack, the iguana turds in the amplifier cooling vents. And what's a little dog hair among friends? As a 3 year old, I supposedly put my finger through my grandfather's new DIY speaker but I'm pretty sure he replaced the drivers so even that doesn't really matter. Most things will be visible and/or easily remedied.  Maybe the price will even be a little lower because of the cosmetics. If it doesn't mess with function, not a big deal to me.

What concerns me more is does it come from a drunk-free, drug-free home.  I think befuddled owners are far more worrisome than pets or children.



Kid free means it won't have a pushed in tweeter or bent cantilever....  

bed bug and mite free are also very important!

and what's your expected benefit knowing seller's gender?

seriously, did you ever take electronics apart, see how much dust, hair, body parts are in there? disgusting, where's my compressor? It is assuring to find the insides of a used piece clean!


No pet dander, no smoke residue, no kids knocking stuff over whether damage is visible or not.

Great selling point to me!

One thing I see occasionally is the equipment is set up next to a fireplace. 

If it's wood burning, that's worse than the other three put together times ten...'s amazing how no audiophiles smoke, procreate, or have a dog.

Hmmm...maybe that's why so many obsess on things that are irrelevant...

I sold a pair of Kimber SC's here years ago and the buyer had an allergic reaction after he got home with them.

Knowing that we have cat's he had taken an antihistamine prior stopping over to pick them up, but it wore off.

Apparently there was enough dander transfer to cause this.

I was once Beta testing a pair of power cables (also years ago) and by the time I received them in the mail chain they smelled so strongly of cigarette smoke I could not tolerate them in the home until the outer casing had been thoroughly cleaned with hydrogen peroxide 3% (which eliminated close to 100% of the oder).

I'm also deadly allergic to asparagus, but so far this has not been a HiFi problem.

No children allergies that I'm aware of.




Years ago I bought a nice pair of speaker cables that arrived reeking of tobacco smoke.  Being a former smoker years ago who can't stand the smell now it was quite foul.  Tried rubbing alcohol wipe down to no avail.  Eventually the smell dissipated on it's own.  I always mention in my ads - no smoking household.

While kid free and pet free, are not deal breakers, they are a plus.  A piece of equipment that smells of smoke is a definite dealbreaker.  


I think secretguy that we are simply too old to smoke or walk a dog anymore, and our kids are long grown...

I definitely prefer no smoke kids pets, and smoking is a deal breaker for me...

I can’t keep up. Is woke a good or bad thing? It sounds like it should be a good thing, but I don’t think it’s used that way. Is there some ironic twist using that word?

Like, people who are 'woke' only think they are when they're actually the opposite?

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what's woke and what's wrong with it? How does it affect audio equipment? Or was it just an attempt to politicize an otherwise normal post. 

Based on most posts here, the average audiophile has no kids, no pets, and no sense of humor.  

"Based on most posts here, the average audiophile has no kids, no pets, and no sense of humor."

No kidding! Good humored sarcasm, irony and facetiousness are totally lost on a lot of guys here...Not thread here, forum here.

Smoke free would much more matter then pets, for the tar and nicotine can adhere to the drivers .

@bigtwin in a temperature and humidity controlled wine cellar that hadn't been opened since it was purchased 

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Pet-free, kid-free, and smoke-free are "nice to haves", but condition is more important.  If it's in good condition and from pet-free, kid-free and smoke-free...all the better.

If you are buying a pair of headphones, you might want to know if the Prior owner uses hair gel or some other fragrant addition! Happened to me and it took several months to go away!

I like my audio components to come in exactly the condition described in the ad. I will also start making special requests to be sure the plane carrying my audio components avoids flying over the New Guinea for the fear of it being shot down by the papua. Heard they love to eat toroidal transformers. 

It's ur money, I'll take a pet free, smoke free, children free piece of gear over the alternative every single time...

@audphile1  I can't stop laughing. I'm hiding all transformers in the closet tonight. No Papua here. 😁

Basically. Anyone can say pet free smoke free kid free drug free alcohol free etc etc etc. Does it really matter what they say ? The seller could clean it up good and say anything. 

I almost sold nothing of all the pieces i bought, save two pieces.

I had kids and pets...

And anyway i modified all my gear pieces, even headphones,  save the speakers Tannoy i sold and the tube amps...😊

i cannot sell anything of the system i used... My 2 akg headphones are modified , the speakers also...

I can sell the two dacs  and the two chinese amplifiers, there is no internal modifications...

I never sold my books or cd...

I gave them or put then in trash...

 I dont like the trouble it takes to sell ...


I am not rich but i dont need money...


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Aside from the smoke smell, equipment from a smoking home accumulates a layer of nicotine that discolors the unit and clings to the electronics. It is not impossible to clean, but it is not easy. I used to hand out in an audio repair shop with a friend who is an engineer and repair tech. The pieces that came in with nicotine residue were easily recognized. It's not something you would want on your purchase. 

While pets, smoke and kids are somewhat of a challenge, nothing is worse than that awful Febreze/fabric softener/dryer sheet stench. It permeates existence itself when used by its victims. 

@peter_s ...but your hair looked marvelous during then...*speaking slightly 'fay'...*

@jl35 ....I make absolutely sure that the only smoke I Direct Onto my pile is from the best 420 stock I can rack my lungs with....
Considering the music I play through it, you will thank me in the long run....esp. if you warm up the amp enough....😎

@thecarpathian  All things considered, I pref  the 'woke' state, as you certainly Don't want to be surrounded by 'unwoke' morning commuters...

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*Inane Insane Laughter*  (...can't think of anything more scary....)

We have and have had pets during ownership of the bulk of the audiotrivia owned; 3 dogs, multiple cats (2 current, currently sleeping on spouse, a handy heat source and less bony than self), I smoke, we both imbibe at times, and don't keep a surgically sterile homescape.

We will supply a whole-body condom to any that are subject to Anything.

This will require signing multiple documents towards the purchase of mountaintop lots in Ft. Lauderdale.

I have no idea what the previous home life of my used components was....

"'ve been a bad, BAD Amplifier...."

...nor get all ruffed over it....

@noromance ....more perceptive than I....but ask if I care... ;)

Wow.  And here I thought I was the only one.

To start, let me just say I LOVE cats.

Can’t ever eat a whole one though…

(ba-DUMP-dum-CHING! I’m here all week folks, two shows on Saturday nights. Tip your waiter)


Cat dander is a much larger problem than most people realize. EVERY cat on the planet produces 5 types of allergens. The stuff from the saliva coats their hair and breaks off in little 2-3 micron lengh tubules as it slides off the ends of their hair. Particles SO small - but large enough - to get into our lungs’ terminal bronchi, stay there, and trigger allergic reactions, asthma or just be plain old irritants to non-allergic folks.  And it persists. A house where a cat has lived will still have measurable amounts of allergen many years (upwards of five in some studies) and in my years of practice (I’m a family practice physician, licensed since 1992, board-certified since 1999) I’ve treated hundreds of people for allergies who had NO idea they were allergic to cats until they were tested.

Dust mite and cockroach dander are also YUGE problems - but for another time and thread maybe.

I’ve read threads on several boards and fakebook pages where people post pictures of their cutesie little snookum wookums kitty witty all curled up atop  amplifiers that cost more than the average family car and other such.

Being allergic to the foul beasts myself (they WALK in their toilets then atop your food prep areas of your kitchen people!), ’m going to vote on the side of buying ONLY from smoke-free (this one’s self-explanatory… it’s 2024, only sociopaths still smoke), catless homes. Kids I’m not that worried about, the damage they do is usually more obvious.




I have a 15 pound Poodle mix rescue mutt that doesn't shed. I used to imbibe in a bit of bud in my listening area, but I managed to quit some time ago. We are empty-nesters but have constant visits from grandkids. So when I have sold or advertised items on CL, I never say smoke, pet or kid free. The equipment, however isn't really affected by any of those three detriments. 

I prefer to buy used equipment that has been broken in, burned in/walked in, or even lived in over a "trophy" piece that’s been polished with a diaper every day of it’s pampered life. Give me a turntable that’s been through rehab a few times, speakers that have rocked so hard they’ve fallen over (and can’t get back up), and an amp that’s been used as a chew toy for a Doberman on occasion. Just file those bite marks out of the (preferrably metal) faceplate, wrap it in well-worn oily Levis, toss it on the UPS truck and send it my way.

Oh yeah, it’s a bonus if it comes from a house with kids that smoke.

Everyone should know what "woke" is by now.  Example:

"Woke up. Got out of bed.  Dragged a comb across my head ..."

 kids free can actually be important since kids come in all sizes. One size is the know it all teen who can't wait for his/her parent to vacate the premises so they can crank their favorite noise full blast and drive amps and speakers well past their limits. Think Tom Cruise in "Risky Business". At least his choice of music was good!

We may have this all wrong. Perhaps someone has done an A/B SQ comparison with/without cigarette residue, with/without pet hair or dander, with/without sippy-cup drippings on the knobs and cabinet So many details to test!

There may be another business opportunity here. I can see it now. Mpingo St. Bernard dander in .005 oz packets, $350 per packet…and 6 packets proven to lift the “veil” from your audio experience. Or perhaps .2oz bottles of Cuban cigar flavored mist to reveal detail and transparency at a new level.

It actually does matter in some cases.  A friend recently told me that his Audio Note M 8 linestage had developed a problem with turn-on—it would frequently blow a fuse when the switch was thrown.  The problem turned out to be caused by a massive collection of cat hair inside the linestage chassis—the warm linestage was a favorite sleeping spot of the cat.

When I wanted to sell my Acoustat 1+ 1 electrostatic speakers to a use equipment store, they would only buy it if I took off the outer sock so that I could confirm it was used in a smoke free environment.  Smoke is attracted to the charged diaphragm and leaves a thick sticky deposit that degrades performance.




I highly recommend to stay away from vinyl stored in a smoking environment, simply gross. 

So many variables.

Almost bald cat upstairs, never in basement < long-haired cats sleeping on amps.

One happy spliff < pack and a half of smokes a day for twenty years in the home.

Et cetera.

PS. I don’t smoke anything

@normb You got the cat dander right. They are disgusting.  I never eat cakes made by folks with cats.

Bought a leather couch once the owners of the store smoked on it.went to get my djnsurance they asked me how much I smoked. The couch was like a nicotine patch my blood test came back positive for nicotine. I always felt a calming effect on that couch.then in med school did a drug study to get enough money to fly home for Christmas it was double blind test latter found out it was the nicotine patch.never could get into the viagra double bind test it was too full.enjoy the music

I don’t smoke but I have two pet midgets living in my shed. During the cold months of winter, when they hear sweet sounds of music coming from the house, they gently knock on the door and ask to come in to get warm. They like to sit on my Pass mono amps that run at about 104 degrees F operating temperature and provide a cozy sitting surface. Few times I caught the midgets lighting up a stogy.
Now I am looking to sell the amps. Should I disclose this? Or just air the amps out on the patio to get the cigar odor out? Any thoughts?

Cigar odor do  never vent out at all from books or from anything ...

All people like midgets who lives with trolls and fairies then mention them ... ☺😊


@secretguy  get's it.


The only thing that might matter is if a speaker cone was damaged by little fingers. If that was the case, the parent was paying enough attention.