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Anyone at home at Krell?
Thanks for the info on krell.the end of life is hard and oftentimes unexpected.i have dealt with that alot both young and old.sometimes the family have closure.that sometimes takes time to heal.what a great legacy to be involved in k... 
Anyone at home at Krell?
May be going through the legal process of reorganizing and all the estate issues as all companies do at this terrible time.luv my krell fpb 600 a beast to  
A Sanely Priced Power Conditioner That Actually Works - OnFilter PDU
Great review might be worth looking into  
The criteria for loudspeaker choices.
Line array lives on.  
The criteria for loudspeaker choices.
I tried to just buy parts from Bruce as far as planar speakers to build a irs v but his explanation was you need the correct amount of tension to produce correct amount of . Have alot of bg .grs .strathern.other pro ribbons and also in the process... 
The criteria for loudspeaker choices.
Hope you enjoy your michi m8 cuz they sound great pushing the fr 30.  
The criteria for loudspeaker choices.
Well we're talking about speakers that go from 180 hz to 20k all by them self and ribbons that bohlender graebener genesis and lft 8.they all sound good but the drawback well known is you can't get super high spl sound pressure level a standard me... 
The criteria for loudspeaker choices.
My lft 8b r great but can't get the spl of the fr 30 I put 1k watts through and handled well on the dB 96 I have the bg and genesis with the 72 inch ribbon goes from 180 to 20k again can't get high spl luv them all    
Grounded Speaker Cable
Read all 200 pages .put some science behind audio equipment and very informative on published reference.  Very helpful.  
That Transformational piece of Gear We All Wish For
These blogs always cost me money coz then I have to try it.or do they save me coz I don't have to roll  pre amps to find a good one  
Boulder 866 / Rotel Michi M8
I have both mcintosh 601 and michi m8.they both have meters both sound good but for big speakers the michi is a great bang for the buck and we'll built.the boulders have all the integration and 200/400 watts compared to 1 /1.6 or so on the michi s... 
Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
That's funny because in the planar ribbon and some of  the articles on the infinity ribbons they were covering the tweeters with cloth to take some of the highs out so it has been done in the past on reviews on days we have dsp that c... 
Watts! How many do we need?
Sanders has a vast knowledge I have some of his amps and speakers they are great.  As stated power is volts x amps.its the transients that take alot of watts.its the clipping that causes damage to is well known esl take alot of power b... 
Would you still pay $10k or more for a turntable not full analog front end these days ?
I think the solution is buy used on both from a reputable dealer.the music room sold me a 70k turntable for 8k.i picked up lp 12 table and several hundred records and cd several hundred from a kind old man who was going in a nursing home and just ... 
Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
I have the tekton ulfberht read the review they call them giant killers and they are.i also have the legacy and saloon 2 all in your price range.but dollar for dollar tektons sound the best and are the best for rock.visit thier site.there are safe...