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Phono pre amp recommendations? - upgrading from ICON AUDIO PS1 MK II
Tavish design adagio, however there is a waiting list. It’s a reference component in a few stereophile reviewers systems, Herb Reichert and Ken McCullough. I own the classic model, and have no need to upgrade as it sounds great, especially when us... 
Help me understand the current amp market
Two Nad c268's bridged for 300 watts per channel is serving me quite well. I bought them for when I need more power, despite already owning both a sugden and accuphase integrated. For "lower tier" amps, they sound terrific. Class D was never reall... 
Turntable setup NYC area
I’m lost, how is setting up a "5 figure" turntable any different than say a "1 figure"? Let’s see, level it, proper down force, anti-skate, proper alignment of cartridge, proper isolation.  
For city apartment dweller audiophiles. Have you ever had neighbors banging on your walls?
My house is a pos, but thankfully Noone can tell me to turn my sh*t down...😁  
12 wire compared to Nordost Blue Heaven Speaker Cable?
The system is clearly not revealing enough to even consider such an expenditure. Maybe monster cable speaker wire available at Walmart. No joke.  
why expensive streamers
Ridiculous amounts of money being spent on this stuff, with marginal difference in sound. The dac is where it’s at. No freaking way am I spending 1k or more on a fancy streamer.  
Listening Room
@immatthewj 8% is not a great rate, and no you did not do good, unless that was in the low range of rates available at the time. ( but hey, at least you bought a house). I was busy having fun As a younger man during that time, so what do I know. I... 
When Was The Audio Golden Age?
70's and 80's at least for me.  
Looking for a line conditioner
The Furman pst-8 has served me very well, so much so, think I'll buy another. Audioquest Niagara 1200 is also great, but at a significantly higher price  (also own one).   
Listening Room
Some people got what they got, and will never own a home with dedicated room. Especially now in this abysmal economy with sky high prices and 7 & 8 % interest rates. In fact, there are very few people buying much of anything right now, judging... 
Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers
Nad c298 power amp. Or, buy two Nad c268's and bridge them for 300 watts per channel. Mine sound great!  
ABX testing with AQ Dragon power cords
Happy with both my AQ thunder and wireworld strata and Electra power cables   
One answer to an oft-asked question.
Streaming and FM. I’m privileged to have two great sounding FM stations, 89.7 WGBH & 99.5 WCRB, Boston. Used to find new music in stereo review magazine. I also read hifi reviews and take note on the music they used to review components, whate... 
Audioquest or Nordost for speaker cable
Can’t do much wrong with audioquest type 4. Audio Advisor is your friend.  
Leaving tube amps on.
You will pi$$ thru tubes leaving it on all the time. Tubes, especially NOS are not cheap. Shut it down when not in use.