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Denarips and Vinshine split
They're lack of a return possibility means I'd never order anything from them. I'm sure he'll land on his feet.  
Do your ears deceive you?
Not this $hit again....give it a rest already. No. My ears do not deceive me. Just because you can't afford it, doesn't mean I can't hear it. Grow up. Why so defensive? If cables actually do make a difference, price shouldn't matter. Also, w... 
Enjoying "Affordable" Equipment
the Technics SL-1200GR2 is not considered budget or affordable.  Depends on your budget. Lots of people will automatically claim that this turntable isn't that great simply because of the price. They spend more than that on a record cleaner.   
Shorting plugs
@curiousjim   They don't objectively do anything but drain your wallet.   
SOS! Suddenly have a high-end turntable, need to upgrade Amp + Speakers
I'll third the Schiit stuff. Very good quality at reasonable prices and since they sell direct, you get something that would cost $900-$1200 through a dealer for $500.  
Looking for RCA cables from preamp to amp?
Blue Jeans cables or even what you can find at your local big box store are fine since cables don't make any difference except to your bank account.  
Is the idea of audiophile listening a dying concept as boomers die off?
Who cares? Enjoy the music via whatever format you have. The kid (me) going to sleep with an AM radio under his pillow liked what he was hearing just as much as the adult (still me) does hearing it via a pretty good system.  
Does it have to sound good for you to like it?
No. It's about the music, not the recording. If it wasn't about the music most people would never go to a concert unless they were able to find the best seat for sound quality and were able to get it each time.   
Double up on speaker cables
I say use the ones that are "detailed and airy" on the positive side and the ones that "carry more mid bass" on the negative side.   
Ethernet cables
Digital don't care about your fancy (read: stupid expensive) cables. You can't improve or make worse 1's and 0's. Why do people believe such nonsense? Oh wait, it's like religion. You have to have faith because there's no science behind it.  
Need recommendations on 15ft speaker cables
It doesn't matter as long as they aren't 20 gauge or smaller. All speaker wires sound the same. Save your money and buy more music.  
Not sure what to think
@hilde45 because it’s possible that the acoustics of your room are masking differences you might hear with a better treated room. It’s also possible that your speakers are not revealing the difference, Could you explain the physics behind that ... 
why expensive streamers
The only thing you're missing is not believing the marketing with no actual proof (someone's anecdotal experience does not constitute proof). Also, price does not equal sound quality.  
looking to replace Fyne speaker jumper cable
The only way to achieve the best sound possible is to use silver solder and weld the connections together. Otherwise you're wasting your time and audiophool money. Also, who in their right mind pays even $70 for a 4 inch piece of wire?   
Reel to Reel
If you're willing to pay silly prices (and I mean up to $600 or maybe more for tapes) for an inferior playback medium, go for it. Otherwise, don't succumb to the nostalgia and realize why they went away to begin with.